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End of my tether !!!!

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  • End of my tether !!!!

    That's it ! I've finally had enough !!

    My neighbours have finally pushed me overboard (hurrah). I got home yersterday to learn that they had got themselves a new pet that was running about in their back garden.'A new pet' I hear you say,'what could be wrong with that?'.....Well this new pet happens to be a young Lion !!!

    Also,my neighbour has just decided to turn his front room into a recording studio,but he's decided not to use any sound proofing.You can imagine what that's like !!!!!

    To top it all he's building a 50 ft extension without planning permission which not only blocks out all our sunlight,but he's actually had to knock down a part of our fence so that he can build on our land !

    Any advice?

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    Originally posted by Anto@Apr 15 2003, 3:03 PM

    Well this new pet happens to be a young Lion !!!
    Ummmmm Anto?!

    Are you joking or really being serious?!

    Sorry, but I have to ask! Maybe your just describing how a HUGE dog looks?!

    50ft extension, recording studio? Mhhhmmmm, methinks you are taking the mickey?


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      Report him immediatly to the council, if he has not got planning permission they will tell him to knock it down or ask him to cease work on it until he has applied for planning permission and it has been granted.

      they might also order him to pay/fix your fence.

      A lion Anto??

      you sure it's not just a furry golden dog????


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        Originally posted by Anto@Apr 15 2003, 3:03 PM

        Also,my neighbour has just decided to turn his front room into a recording studio,but he's decided not to use any sound proofing.You can imagine what that's like !!!!!

        Any advice?
        I would suggest that you contact the Environmental Health Services regarding any noise nuisance that results from this.


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          Just been pottering around in my hankercheif of a garden and thought of how nice itwould be to have a big garden like Anto's.

          I assume it must be fairly big to have a 50foot extension, mine is tiny, only have a strimmer to cut the lawn as it wouldnt be worth while to have a mower and my border is as big as a dinning room table. it looks pretty though, all the wall flowers are out and the tulips are now taking the place of the daffs.

          one day when I am rich....sigh!


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            You just want someone to say, "Go on, hit 'im one!", don't you.

            Did you know that lions are scared of hippos?


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              You know that's strange Anto, there must be something in the air, as when I looked out of the window this morning I saw the farmer dancing with an Emu with a dancing troupe of tractors as a chorus line. He also wants to extend his land into the National Trust Forest and farm giant lemons.

              Strange old world innit?


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                Oh hang on, I've just noticed something..........

                Thought so!


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                  Anto, where do you live? I've heard there is no Dangerous Animals Act in Northern Ireland, not sure if this is still true.

                  Of course your NFH might get eaten by his new pet and solve your problem

                  "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                    Despite being new to this board, I have read through many postings and they all seem to have a similar theme regarding inconsiderate neighbours. However, Anto, your problem really does stand out from the rest. I find the pet lion issue most fascinating of all. Can you please shed some more light on it?


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                      Originally posted by Anto@Apr 16 2003, 10:03 AM

                      Sorry...I forgot to mention....then I woke up !

                      Anto - Did you get my e-mail? Can you respond to it please or send me a Private Message about it ASAP.



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                        people have tried to make you feel welcome when you joined,

                        people gave you the benefit of the doubt after your first disturbing postings

                        people have tried to give you advice in good faith.......

                        do you actually have a NFH?????

                        Many people dont believe you have, are you able to prove them wrong???

                        people here have real problems and it seems you are taking the P**S.


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                          Actually I think humour can be a good remedy for nfh problems. An escape from the soul - consuming incessant grief that can occur.

                          Mind you I speak as someone who has moved away from an awful nfh situation and now has lovely neighbours. Still not 100% recovered but enjoying life more now. Our situation was as absurd & extreme & ridiculous as Anto's sketch, but all malice and not mirth. Nastier.

                          Anto's first post on this thread was a fortnight late, methinks. Perhaps this could be put in a humour / light relief folder. People with genuine problems won't want to feel mocked.


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                            Agree with Homer, humour is one of the best remedies.

                            I believe Anto's first posting, but because some of his comments in a subsequent posting were questioned, then Anto has come back with a few er... more arrows in his quiver lets say, on another posting. Now he's back with something from left field!

                            Bit difficult to judge, I don't think he's taking the mick out of our problems, but taking the mick out of our responses.

                            Can't see where Anto has said; "And then I woke up", but for those going through the mill at the minute, it might be a bit insensitive.

                            I think the whole lot of us wish our NFH situation was all a bad dream. Really



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                              that post was deleted spinks...not sure if it was anto!