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    Some of you will be more than well aware of the current anguish of what we have had to live by - by that I mean Madhatter.

    Just to recap - On March 1st 2003 Madhatter took a chainsaw and cut our fence (our own fence on our land) in two. He then subsequently took the fence round the back of his property and then cut it in half again and kept it.

    I'm not going to discuss anything to do with the fence for the time being, but to tell you all that this afternoon our local beat officer came out to see us to tell us that Madhatter will tomorrow be served with the Harrassment Act of 1997. This will be done by two police officers - one a Sargent.

    Madhatter will be told that if his behaviour causes us any further upset, harm or distress he will arrested and placed before the courts.

    I know some of you will be cheering, but, you may find this surprising that I am not. It is a sad day for us - for all of us. I never wanted things to get this bad. But, we had to get something done because of his violent behaviour and he was becoming increasingly eratic in the way that he went and to some extent still does go about things.

    It's hard for me to put down in words exactly how we are all feeling. I suppose a mixture of relief and some satisfaction, interspersed with fear and some forboding as to where this now leaves us all. We know that there is a good chance he will attempt to break the order, it usually takes a couple of pushing their lucks and appearances in court before they get the message.

    I know that the coming months will not be easy and that in a lot of ways this is very much the begining with the end in sight some way off.

    I hope that common sense will prevail and that normality will return. But, no I am not doing cartwheels on the front lawn and neither will I.

    My hope is one of a better future free from fear and retribution with the hope that we can now get back to getting on with the rest of our lives.

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    Hey Scooby,

    I know how you are feeling right now, wondering which way this will push him.

    Is it going to help or antagignise the situation?

    Hope hope for you and your family it will calm things down, good luck with tomorrow!

    let us know...I am sure you will !


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      I think we're all hoping it works out for you Scoobs. Fingers crossed and break a leg etc.

      ...I'm in the same boat sort of, trying a new tactic that may be working may be not, don't want to build my hopes up yet.

      .....I could never do cartwheels anyways!


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        Hope this results in a positive move Scooby But it must be a little scary all the same and a situation I know you'd rather not be in.

        So, holding my breath for you here and like Beth says it's the not knowing how Mr NFH will react to it - let us know when you can and wishing you all a safe and peaceful future


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          I can understand why your not cheering also Scooby, but I really want to wish you the best


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            I can see why you have mixed feelings about this Scooby, but something had to happen didn't it? I hope that Madhatter's behaviour calms down after this.

            Has he been charged under the Protection from Harassment Act?

            Wishing you all the best and hope that the end result is a positive one for you.


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              I hope the application of the law works in your neighbourhood, Scooby.

              All the best,



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                I've had to come home from work this afternoon, my boss says that I am no use to man nor beast and that my mind is not where it should be.

                He's a nice guy and knows the score with Madhatter it's good to have such an understanding boss - he went through something similar a few years ago and knows that feeling all too well.

                I'm a bit churned up at the moment, feeling a bit sicky in my stomach if I'm honest.

                The order Holly is a standard one issued by the Police and covers the legislation of the 1997 Harrassment Act - I don't know how wide and varying this act is and what different types are in force. All know is that the Police serve this upon him and last a total of 12 months.

                I hope that this will go some way to getting to the end of a long, long nightmare !


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                  Scooby, I think I understand where you are coming from. I was c*ck-a-hoop just before Christmas because finally it seemed as though I had actually made a difference and the HA and police were taking action. But it didn't last That is not to say that the same thing will happen in your case.

                  You will just have to play it by ear, hope for the best but be ready for the worse. I'm thinking postitive thoughts for you that it all works out for you. Good luck.

                  "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                    Thanks all for your on going support and kind words.

                    The Police gave him the notice and he was going on and on about insignificant things and amazingly he asked the Police why he was not charged with the damage to the fence but was being given a Harrassment Notice.

                    Still feeling churned up. He has just gone out in the car and he has buzzed the side window down and looked over directly into our front garden.

                    I don't think this is going to go too well. I have this sinking feeling that he is going to test out the order, which, from what we understand is standard form for these types of personalities.

                    Psychologically talk here but, I think he is from his actions, really going to push the boat out on this one. If you have just been served with an order you don't buzz your car window down and glare over now do you ? Your common sense would tell you to keep you head down and not to antagonise surely !!!

                    There is this feeling that tells me that we are not out the woods on this yet by a long shot ! Generally speaking my gut feeling has never let me down yet. I keep you up to date as things progress.


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                      Sorry to hear about that Scooby.

                      I know that if I'd have been served with an Order under the Protection from Harassment Act then I would be keeping myself squeaky clean. But then I'm a normal, rational and reasonable human being.

                      I too rely on gut instinct - they are usually right. But I suppose this contact from the Police will really have wound him up, he'll be wondering what he can do/ how far he can go etc.

                      Just keep recording all his actions. Keep the Police informed and involved - don't let them think that the serving of the Order was the end of it.

                      We'll be thinking of you.


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                        If you want to nick the names of Madhatter thats fine by me I have no problem with that.

                        It's just that I have got so used to calling him Madhatter that today when I spoke to our solicitor he said to me "So how did Madhatter take it then". Even he has got so used to hearing me calling him by this name that he just uses it himself. It makes me feel sick to even use the family name. I just find it easier using this. I can deal with that.

                        It crazy I know but I just can't help the feeling that he will exact his revenge in some way shape or form and what he does not know yet is that the worst is yet to come for him. But he wanted it this way and thats what he has got yes I feel sick that I've had to do it, but like you Sue why should NFH use us as doormats.

                        Lets hope that now the little victories are starting to filter through we may just get a few majors success.


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                          Madhatter did not go into work today (Friday). We think that he has been to the solicitors as he went off for a couple of hours this morning.

                          My mum was in the garden and was talking to one of the neighbours over the garden gates when Madhatter gets in his car and comes out of the driveway. Instead of turning his normal left towards the main road he turned right past our house towards the centre of the village.

                          As he drove past he never looked at my mum at all as our other neighbour made sure of that. Normally before he would just glare and you would get the proverbial fingers.

                          I think he is worried but my thinking is he drove past our house to say to mum - I might not be able to look at you but I'm still not scared so watch out. Maybe I have got his one wrong but I don't think so. He is still dangerous in my mind and the fact that this order is now on him will change nothing.

                          This afternoon though when I came back from a walk with the dog he was the outside. He clearly heard me walk through the gate, usually he does this stupid tuneless whistle. But he didn't today !