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Annual General Meeting

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  • Annual General Meeting

    Does anyone feel that there will come a point in the not too distant future when we may all meet up together?

    If we can work out a central location convenient for the majority and have a nice day out and/or evening - some hotels have great offers on block bookings.

    I'd be up for it. Anyone interested or has it already happened?

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    I'd like to see this happen in the future, if people want to in a location to suit

    Maybe we can combine two things into one: Meet together socially and also hold a conferencing meeting where media attention could be arranged.....

    Or we could just do a social thing first


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      ohh parties!!

      holly, you arent too far from us I dont think!

      have to meet for a coffee one day!! I have got a metro pass!!

      (Its a west yorkshire thing!)


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        Sounds fantastic!!

        Would love to but let's face it the enormous dstance for us could be prohibitive although if any of you are in the Edinburgh/ Fife area you are more than welcome to pop in!!


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          Actually I have thought about this one for a while but I suppose I thought I was being daft by even popping down the idea here so well done Holly.

          I would be up for a meet but the trouble is as HF says we need a location that is good for everyone - if not we could get a video link if certain people cannot make it.

          Cool idea.


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            what we might have to do is have several regional meets,

            If they go well and we dont all hate each other in the flesh, so to speak, then we will have to do a biggie!

            Some of us have talked about a big meet in October as that will be our first anniversary! (on this board that is...the other board was active for 10 months before we out grew it!)

            who knows what the future will hold!!


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              I think it's a great idea I can't promise I'd be there, depends on the agoraphobia which sometimes isn't as bad as others.

              The yahoo club I belong to has had a three offline meetings and I actually made one of them, it was great to meet people I'd only spoken to on the net. I already knew what they looked like because we'd all got webcams but even so it was just like meeting up with old friends.

              I also like the media idea, Matthew. A great human interest angle there

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                Hi all, - still can't talk about h*********s - even the word gets the anxiety going.

                So thought I'd post on a few other topics.

                Yep I'd be up for a meet. I'm in the midlands so a bit easier for me location wise probably. (to travel north south east or west!)



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                  Wouldnt mind a meet, i just hope we dont get to drunk and cause a nuisance


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                    Count me in too, i could do with a holiday away from this hell.


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                      yes i need a good break too tracy

                      count me in!



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                        Sounds good. Count me in.
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                        So what's the plan?

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                          have just put a poll up about where we should meet!

                          please take the time to vote as the most votes wins!!