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Cordon Bleu !

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  • Cordon Bleu !

    Well, it looks pretty much like Madhatter and his dysfunctional family could well be for the off. Good riddance too.

    He's been in the garden all week digging (preferably not his own grave as the thought of that revolts me), and tidying his garden. The garage has had a sort of a makeover and his lazy wife who actually does diddly squat actually went out this morning into the garden and put in some plants. She only goes into the garden to either get to the car and to put the washing out. I nearly swerved the car when I came home at lunchtime to see what she had done. Our nextdoor neighbour popped in and said well too much activity for their normal routine. So fingers crossed that we might get a result.

    Well, I have decided to take up another outside interest other than just being a car anorak - yes folks I'm having a go a Cordon Bleu cookery. 8 week course at the local college in the evenings and by the autumn, we should all have had a least two bouts of food poisoning.

    Still at least I get a certificate. I had better get it framed just in case anyone questions it.

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    Sounds like they are planning to sell up doesn't it Scooby?

    Bet you're all excited at the thought! Keep your eye out for the house in the papers/online/estate agents - he may not have a sign put up.

    Good luck with it and the cooking!


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      Actually Matthew you are right about the sign not going up, they tried to sell before and did not have a sign then either.

      They could not sell it at that time as we (or should I say the country) were in the middle of that bad recession.

      Oh what a bummer that they didn't sell - lets hope this time they do. I'll hoist up the Union Jack and there has been a bottle of Bollinger in the fridge from four years ago (I won it actually - would I pay nearly £30.00 for that, for a bottle of Bolly no way) so I'll crack that open and toast for a better arrival of new neighbours. Personally myself I think a builder will buy it and do it up. It is in such a mess, they cannot use the inside loo cause thats bust ! Don't ask me how, so they use the one outside. Nice I suppose when it was particulary cold your b*m comes in for an instant freeze, still at least you don't hang about.


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        Scooby, just a thought but perhaps you should make them a goodbye meal, would be good practise, mistakes would be overlooked I'm sure, anybody could put in the wrong ingredients lol


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          Originally posted by Eckie@Mar 20 2003, 10:57 PM

          I'm sure, anybody could put in the wrong ingredients lol
          Yikes, like Arsenic?!!

          I jest of course............?!


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            Yikes, like Arsenic?!!*[/b]

            Maybe cascara would more suitable. Meal made to coincide with a sudden cold snap and that outside toilet might become a home from home

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              Hi Scooby

              Will you let us know the results of your best masterpieces? I'm always up for trying new recipes! Did some lovely mushrooms last night with garlic, white wine and emmenthal, mmmm delicious!