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Can't stand this lack of privacy.

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  • Can't stand this lack of privacy.


    Nosey old toad!

    It comes to something when you can't even have a row in private!

    Hubs and I were having a 'noisy disagreement' - a letting off of steam - and when we looked out of the window, Hells Granny from the planet Nosey who's got nothing better to do that 'monitor' us 24 hours a day, was STANDING IN HER GARDEN, LISTENING! Grrrrrr.............

    All the windows were shut so she must have heard the sound going up the chimney. Which means she must have been outside, as she wouldn't have heard it from inside her house. We weren't that loud. It's raining and blowing a gale outside and she was standing in her garden like a demented scarecrow, with this horrible little grin on her face.

    I've seen that grin before, she takes real pleasure in anything negative. When a neighbour she also doesn't like had his car broken into, she had that same evil grin on her stupid face.

    I hate this lack of privacy, it's really getting to me today. And I hate Hell's Gran. And I hate being hateful. It's just not me, it feels wrong. Life shouldn't be like this should it?:banghead:

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    aw Mrs B

    she must get one hella of kick from others misfortune, and blimey, if you cant let of steam at each other once in a while!....tsk, nosey old bag!!

    can you grow a high hedge?

    with thorns and pricklies?

    the newsletter article was on spying, it just came out yesturday (trouble with by publisher!!)

    any luck nosey old lady will of caught a cold standing in the rain last night and will have to leave you alone for at least a week!!


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      Originally posted by Beth@Dec 14 2003, 11:05 AM

      the newsletter article was on spying, it just came out yesturday (trouble with by publisher!!)
      Yes, he was having the day(s) off from it.....! :lol:

      Mrs B, as Beth says she is one noooooooosey old sack!


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        Grrr, Mrs B!! Has the old witch nothing better to do?? Hope she was freezing and got soaking wet in the rain! :nfh1: Don't blame you one little bit for feeling hacked off! :badmood:



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          Hi Mrs B

          Your post made me feel ill :angry: She really is a sad twisted old woman. Any normal neighbour would go inside so they didn't have to hear any private disagreements.

          (Hope that she did catch that cold )

          Blue Cow


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            Ah thanks everyone It does help such a lot having your encouragement.

            I feel a lot better now. HG has done a lot worse in the past, I think it was just building up to a good B L O W !!

            Actually, Hubs and I rarely argue, we've come to the conclusion that it's because we can't wait to move, and any reminder of why we're moving (like HG gawping in at our window) makes us so stressed. It's a decision we reached after much reasoned discussion and yes, we know it's the right thing to do, but there's a lot of residual anger at the NFH which I am determined not to show them. As far as I'm concerned they don't exist ('doing a Rockbank' as someone else here said - good description for it).

            NFH are always arguing amongst themselves. In the summer, two of the younger NFH (HG's grandchildren, in their 20's) were chasing each other round the street with baseball bats (yes, really )

            It also rancours that when my Big Puss died last month, I couldn't bury her in our garden. I wanted to bury her in her favourite sunny spot where she used to sleep.

            The thought of them coughing and banging the bin lid when we were doing it (which they would) would just have been too much, so we left puss at the vet's instead. I've decided to plant a nice bush in memory of her in our new garden when we move.

            Anyway, big thanks, it does help to let off steam amongst such supportive friends


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              Hi Mrs B

              I am glad you are feeling better now That's what we're all about :thumbs:.

              I do think that your NFH must be so lacking in any sort of life though to go out into the cold and bad weather just to have a good old beak at you - what a sad old twisted biddy...Hope she gets pneumonia! :frown:




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                I don't believe this!

                I just heard our letterbox rattle - HG has put a Christmas card through. It's not a normal Christmas card, it's a horrible one with a photo of baubles on (you know, the sort you usually don't send because they're too naff) and inside she's written 'have a peaceful new year' - 'peaceful' underlined! Old scr*te!!

                I've never had a 'poison' Christmas card before! Has anyone else?

                Actually, it's really tickled me that, :hihi: :hihi: :hihi:

                And I know exactly where that's going - not in the bin, but in Little Puss's litter tray!

       have to laugh or you'd cry :cry: :hihi:



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                  The cheeky old bat!

                  I wouldn't sully my cat's do-do's with that tat - grrr :frown:

                  Well, I don't know whether I'd be flattered or infuriated ! :lol:

                  Sad, sad and more sad



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                    Well, I hope she doesn't catch cold after standing out in the freezing cold. I hope she gets pneumonia!!! :rant: Sorry, I shouldn't have said that, but I have now so it's too late

                    Why not send her a card back with a picture of Rudolph on it and draw a big black circle around his nose. Or maybe you could get one of Big Ears and Noddy But the nosy old bag probably won't get the implication :P

                    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                      The old bag :angry:

                      Send her a xmas card by all means but send her the back that she just sent you.

                      Cross your name off the top and put hers and cross her name off the bottom and put yours.

                      Is that being silly??


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                        Had another thought Mrs.B

                        Just to really get her

                        How about you and Mr.B having another blow out (just pretend this one and again when its raining) tape it........

                        Next time its blowing a gale play it back at high volume. Leave her out there :lol:

                        Sorry :blush:


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                          Hi Mrs B

                          If it were me, I wouldn't send her anything

                          It's the tried and tested technique of IGNORE

                          You will probably drive her nuts!!

                          Blue Cow


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                            :lol: Oh you have all made me laugh! Feel lots better now, thanks.

                            I was thinking of sending her the card after Little Puss has finished with it :blink: but no, you're right IGNORE is the only way. It works. It really does.

                            SP '
                            she hears us happy then we have to pay dearly for it
                            I know exactly what you mean! It's as if we are forgotten by them for a while, we just start to relax and think 'oh great, it's all died down' then we do something which draws attention like have a row, or even just walk past her door and it rattles her cage!

                            Next time there's a thunderstorm we'll put on a play with people shouting, I'll creep round the back of the house, climb over the fence...........and stick a lightning conductor down the back of her drawers :devil: :hihi:
                            BE BOLSHY - RECLAIM YOUR GARDEN!


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                              Hi B.

                              Keep that card and file it.

                              This could be evidence for harassment.

                              Don't under any circumstances send anything back.

                              Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

                              We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

                              So what's the plan?

                              Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.