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Madhatter Continued

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  • Madhatter Continued

    Some of you will already be aware of the story as regards my NFH - Madhatter !

    For those that are not so familiar I shall give just a very brief description. We have had since about 1996 a whole series of threats, verbal abuse, threats to kill, him coming around with a knife, ripped out our fence and general verbal abuse. This all culminated in the Police finally putting on him the 1997 Protection From Harassment Act after I had finally snapped after taking years of his barbaric behaviour and insisting that the police finally do something with him.

    Now as you know, I have long extolled the point on here that the 1997 PFHA is only the begining of a very long road. In our case we have had another 13 violations to this act since it was put in place on Madhatter in April of this year.

    Now logging and just keeping general information on Madhatter has been the whole theme of this year although we have been in a position whereby we have had to keep out of his way and when he has kicked off to phone the police. You may well think all well and good, but the story doesn't end quite there because the problem has been that Madhatter has played a calculated game in so far that whenever he has continued his harassment he has always tried to make sure that there are no witnesses about. This has frustrated both us (mainly) and the police because as we all know without witnesses its been very much our word against his.

    In the early hours of this morning I heard the sounds of glass (wine maybe) bottles being placed into or being moved about in their recycling box. Now nothing wrong with this you may think - except the time was about 2.30am. So I got up and had a look about. I walked into the sitting room (curtains were drawn back which we do at night just in case) and looked out of the window to see Madhatter on his driveway tampering with our fence. Now we had thick fog here last night so no wind or tree movement just still dense fog but the bushes against the fence were clearly moving about. Over a two period I have noticed fencing panels going missing. Didn't think too much about it all due to other things being on my mind, but the strange thing was the panels were doing a Reggie Perin and could be found no where. Now on the basis that fencing panels don't generally think about taking a well earned rest for the winter and take up snow boarding in the Alps, I had a suspicion that Madhatter could well be responsible.

    On return home this afternoon, I counted the gaps in the fence - got to four and then counted FIVE. Right, another one gone then. So after having some lunch and a strong G&T I phoned my police contact and she duly came out PDQ. I sat and said now I know its trivial but... and showed her the damage from the sitting room window. This time was different though, because this time it transpired that TWO weeks ago Madhatter was re-arrested by the police (unbeknown to us) and the further allegations were put to him all of which he denied. In the meantine he has been phoning my police contact and hasselling her into removing the PFHA. Now these were her words not mine. Given that I knew nothing about the re-arrest and the fact that the panels have been going AWOL over the last two weeks sort of got the police thinking hello whats his game then. Now the police went round to see him tonight and questioned him - denied of course - about the panels. The police are fairly adamant that the PFHA stays in place and it is indefinite but the police are also getting sick and tired of the situation - which given Madhatter ringing the police and giving them grief to get it removed - no doubt is hacking them off to.

    The police again have insuffient evidence but I think they are starting to finally believe what I am saying because the pattern of him being re-arrested two weeks ago and the fence panels going over these last two weeks seems a little too convienient. The upshot is that they are now going away to discuss what they can do to bring this situation to a close. They know that I don't need the agro right now and as the police woman pointed out at some point I am going to come to the end of my tether with it all and go bang too. They need to find a way of stopping it altogether. My concern is one of that they COULD bind us both over to keep the peace. Now on the basis that he has been the aggressor all along I would have a big beef about swallowing this especially given the fact that he ripped the fence out and has continued to cause us more agro. The other would be that they would bring Madhatter back before a senior officer at the police station and both formally caution him and give him a good dressing down that if he continues to carry on they will place him before the courts. My hope is for the latter.

    So its another watch the space again. Personally I cannot believe how daffy anybody could be to keep ringing the police and insisting they remove the PFHA - to my mind this is going to make them think and form the opinion that he is the aggressor. Certainly the police's attitude was more compassionate towards me tonight and information more forthcoming about what is going on, but I just hope the end is a little nearer.

    Lets hope.

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    Hi Scooby,

    The second scenario certainly sounds preferable. It sounds as if the police have had enough of him too. He's digging his own hole well and good. Did the police say what the outcome of his second arrest was? As it doesn't sound like they are going to stand much more of this :nfh1:

    It's a shame that you couldn't catch him removing the panel (or on camcorder), the man is surely warped, having nothing better to do at 2.30am :badmood:

    Good luck, I hope that you get some positve news soon,

    Blue Cow


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      Hi Scooby

      I think, obviously, option 2 is the better one.

      Have you considered taking private action against Madhatter?

      If you haven't seen it, check out Caldas's thread in Success Stories - it gives hope and inspiration to us all.

      Good luck and keep us posted.


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        Evening Scooby,

        I totally feel for you, and your problems. Your NFH sounds a lot like ours. We have had the abuse, and threats to kill. Our pets got killed. We have our garden trashed on a regular basis. We have our windows shot through every time they get mended. We even had our fench panels taken, but the posts left.

        You really should get cctvs fitted, we are in the process at the moment. The last time we had our windows shot out. We rang the police for a crime number, for the council. A police woman turned up, a week after it happened. She went and spoke to them. Her answer was that if we called the police out again, she would issue us and them with a PFHA. I said that we resented the fact that we had done nothing to them. We have suffered nearly 3 yrs of this, we had to call to get our house made secure.

        Our NFH is clever because he uses other people and their young families. He spreads lies about us. He does most of his damage at night, and if we go out.

        He tells people that he is whiter than white, that we hate kids. We have put in to buy our house, I think I read some where that you may lose the right to buy if you get labelled as a bad neighbour. If we catch him on camera, he's in big trouble. We used to be happy, easy going talk to anybody people. Not any more.

        Please get a cctv fitted, you should not have to cope with all this. We are going to go to mediation, so anything he says he cannot deny later. Three times he has threatened us, and three times I have tried to talk to him. He will not talk, just shouts abuse and threats.

        Sorry if I've ranted on your thread.

        Please take care, and give your mum our best wishes.



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          GG I don't mind people ranting on my thread and if it helps a bit then even better and although Madhatter does seem a little tame compared with your NFH I must admit they do sound like ideal neighbours for one another.

          The Police haven't actually said what they are going to do with him. This is a train of thought and a bit of knowledge that I have come up with. That the Police COULD do one of two things.

          Now the thing is the police know the situation I am facing with mum and I don't think they could actually come up with a reasonable rational argument to bind the both of us over - I would really be pigged off if they did that because we have done nothing wrong. The latter option is something that they may think about doing. But the police officer needs to discuss the options through with her Duty Sergeant. The thing is she openly admitted that Madhatter is ringing her up and giving her hassle about getting the PFHA removed. The directive is that the PFHA remains in place on him indefinitely. They can clearly see that his behaviour leaves alot to be desired - because lets face it who else would ring up the police and give them grief about doing something ? I mean its taken me seven years to put together a complaint in writing and even then I followed it up with a thank you card when something did get done. But thats what happens when you have a conscience. I think most of us feel really damn guilty ringing the police when something does kick off because you think its trivial and you are being a real pain in the backside, you almost feel like its your fault for goodness sakes, when clearly you know it isn't.

          This is thing when dealing with NFH's regardless of what they do - you sit and question yourself - putting yourself through the ringer thinking is it your fault questioning what you have done beating yourself up when the base line really is that these people are just plain evil toads full stop. But that doesn't stop you feeling the gut wrenching feelings and the countless sleepless nights etc.

          I'll be honest here I often wonder if these people are really the full ticket. The folks that I read about here all want a quiet life; just to deal with everyday life is hard work - lets face it we all have other issues other than neighbours to deal with, their behaviour and actions just throw a different angle on things. I don't see neighbour issues getting any better either I am constantly amazed at what the newbies who register on NFH have had to put up with - you would think I am almost used to it by now - but the shock factor never really goes you just become more resilient I suppose, shell shocked even.

          I don't know what they will do with Madhatter thats a fact. I really have no idea. But what I do know is that the police have had enough. The fact is I think Madhatter now is finally showing himself to the police in his true colours and I just hope to goodness that something gets done to the point whereby we can live life with a bit of peace and dignity - because lets face it isn't that what we all strive for ?


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            Hi Scoobs,

            How on earth can you possibly be 'bound over'?? It's an utterly ludicrous suggestion. No way jose!

            The police must have a handle on what this head-the-ball is like, how could they possibly suggest that you should be liable in any way?

            I can't even think of a reason for doing that. Surely, the only course of action can be to put him before the courts? It can only be a matter of time. He can't just keep phoning the cop shop and hounding them withour impunity! (mind you, my NFH seems to get away with it too :sad: .)

            Hopefully, he'll dig himself a really big hole (not just for those fence panels he's nicking and hiding...) and come a cropper very soon. Grrrrr. :frown:

            Best wishes to you, Shaggy and your mum.




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              Hi Scooby,

              They just don't when to stop do they?

              Have you thought about an anti-vandalism measure such as putting anti-climb paint on the top of the panels? Not sure if this works on panels but have a word with your police anyway. There may be other measures you can take to prevent theft.

              But it sounds like your NFH is just digging a bigger hole for himself so it may be just as tempting to let him carry on digging.

              Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

              We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

              So what's the plan?

              Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.


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                Anti-vandal paint probably would work, RB! What a splendid idea! Even some old engine oil might help! :hihi: :lol:

                Prbably would need to be careful. A-v paint would be OK, might have to put warnnig notices on it, not sure though. Worth lookig at, though.

                Hm. Cheaper option, smear it with treacle. Still make a mess.

                "What? Treacle? On my fence? Bloomin' vandals!"