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  • Bye

    Dear all,

    My life ended today.

    I went to see a solicitor and there is nothing they can do with my noisy neighbour.

    Housing Officer is saying no and wouldn't give permission.

    EH saying we strongly discourage doing this etc

    Everyone is saying no BUT NFH went and did it and they are getting away with it.

    I wouldn't dream of transfer.

    Can't afford private renting.

    Who'd swap the flat with me.

    My next home is going to be the street.

    God doesn't exist after all. I was just imagining it.

    I know you are going to say "if you let NFH win, then they win".

    They managed it. They managed to ruin my life completely.

    I am now have to close my company, pack a bag and go.

    Nothing really matters any more.

    This post would probably not make sense to any of you but I felt I needed to cry.

    Thank you Matthew and all those who gave me support .

    Sky signing off.

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    Hi Sky...

    Your post makes sense, you feel you've hit rock bottom. You haven't lost, you tried, that makes you a my book anyway.

    I'm sorry to hear your bad news.......and I'm also sorry to see you have to go, both from the forum and from your home - it must be your decision, but please sleep on it at least? Things look grim pretty often the day before, just don't be too hasty and think about all the consequences.

    Why is the EH saying they strongly discourage action? What exactly about though? :blink:

    Can you tell us more? I realise it must be horrible to post about, but perhaps we can cast a fresh eye over things?

    The forum is going nowhere, so whether you decide to come back tommorow or this time next year, your account will always be there, ok?


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      hi sky

      sorry you are feeling so low at the moment

      please dont do anything until you have had a chance to sleep on it, just keep thinking of that house in the field in cornwall.

      thats worth fighting for IMO

      please stay safe


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        Hi Sky,

        You sound so down, and I wish so much that we could wave a magic wand for you.

        All I can say is that it’s the worst time of year to be doing this. Is it really the right thing to be giving up your home and everything else that you have worked for? Please don’t do anything rash, give it a couple of days at least, just to be sure that you have made the right decision.

        Have you tried speaking with your GP recently? They may be able to help and may even be able to put some weight behind your case.

        Fighting is hard, and so tiring, but it’s what we all do to survive. You can think that you have taken just about as much as you can, but you do have it in you to see this through. It’s something that you have to do one step at a time.

        I hope that we do hear from you again, as I’ve always found your posts of interest and I hope that you can continue here.

        Take care

        Blue Cow


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          Hi sky

          I know what it's like to be at absolute rock bottom with NFH and not knowing where to turn, what to do, but you will move on from this.

          I've just had a quick skim over your earlier posts and saw that you were due to see Shelter for some housing advice. Did that ever happen? If you haven't had any independent housing advice yet, can I suggest that you get that before doing anything else? :unsure:

          Check out the Just Ask site, do a search for advice in your area - you want it from a specialist service/provider, I'd say go for an independent Housing Advice or Citizens Advice Bureau in your area (provided that they are a specialist service).

          Please don't loose heart. It is difficult to fight the fight, many (if not all) of us know that.

          You know where we all are.

          Take care chuck :flowers:



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            I'm not sure what anyone can say that can make things feel any better....What happened with the Shelter case-worker? Did you not feel you got the advice/help you needed?

            Just wondering why private rented isn't an option? Are you working full-time? If not, Housing Benefit should be able to meet at least most of the rent? This an option that may be there for you :unsure:

            Don't do anything in desperation without getting some further advice on what your options are. Do see a Housing Advice Centre specialist, as Holly says, before making any decisions. And , do keep in touch, at this time. As Matthew says, the forum is not going know where we are



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              Sky, I'm really upset that you feel so bad We don't know each other but everybody on the board has an empathy with your plight so we have some idea of how you feel

              It's so awful to feel you have fought long and hard and NOBODY in authority will offer the least help I too wish I could wave a magic wand (that's the helpless child in me speaking).

              Please, think again. Is there any way you could take a break, recharge your batteries and possibly think up a new strategy? Do you have friends who could put you up for a while?

              I don't know if you'll be reading this, I hope you are but be aware we are all thinking of you. It might not do much good practically but emotionally it might help to know that people out here are thinking of you Take care, good luck.

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                Hi Sky

                I am sorry I was not online when you posted, hope you get this. :unsure:

                Please come back and visit us, we are always here for you. :flowers:

                I hope the others' words are some help.

                I'd like to echo Sapph by saying you can claim housing benefit on a private tenancy - you get a 'pre-tenancy determination' which will give you an idea of what the Rent Officer agrees is an appropriate rent for the property you are interested in renting and that will be the maximum amount you will be able to claim benefit on.

                Please take care of yourself and for goodness sake don't go on the streets. Please, if you do move away from the area, present yourself as Homeless wherever you go and get medical back-up to say that you cannot remain in your previous accommodation because it has affected your health - mental and physical - so much. So please get in touch with your GP for a supporting letter.

                If you can get accepted as Homeless, that could be a way of moving but you will have to prove that it was not reasonable for you to remain in your property - it may be a slog, but it can be done and if you are not well, you will have to be housed temporarily until a final decision can be made on your Homelessness.

                I would strongly advise you to get support from Shelter - they are an excellent resource and can help to fight your corner when you think you can't fight no more :box:

                Please take care and come back when you are ready

                Best wishes



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                  Sky, I hope you read this. NFH are evil. I only hope that somehow, somewhere you will find some good.

                  Please, take care. And here's some clover for you. :clover: :nfh1:


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                    Probably too late with this but....

                    You have reached the point where everything seems hopeless. J and I reached this point a few weeks ago. It got us in different ways but we both sought the help we needed and we are now fighting back again. It ain't easy - in fact it is bl**dy hard but it can be done.

                    You are no loser - the only losers are the evil sods who have done this to you.

                    Take care of yourself and I hope you find your dream in Cornwall.

                    Julie and John
                    "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"