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Tracy and her NFH!

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  • Tracy and her NFH!

    well a great big hello to you all.

    Yes i have been very quiet for a long time now.

    I did think my problems had been sorted but alas no we are still in the same boat!

    My NFH are on the good behaviour orders and although they seemed to leave us alone for a while all was not long lived.

    We have just had a few weeks peace though as they caused £3000 damage to someone elses car a few weeks ago, and decided to keep a low profile for the rest of the school holidays.

    We and the rest of the estate all assumed they had done a bunk!

    Alas no, they went and stayed with relatives and are now decorating ready to return this weekend.

    Not sure if i should put some " WELCOME HOME " Banners just to let them know we all missed them!

    Or just to carry on as before, pretending they don't exist!! Fat chance at that Option.

    You will all see more of me soon as they arrive back, and they still have 1 and a half months left on the orders they were given.

    Hope that fills you all in on me and my NFH that still exist.


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    Hi Tracy, good to see you again, just sorry you have to come back

    Why oh why won't councils/HAs listen to people? I doubt very much your NFH will ever change unless they are administered a very big shock, like eviction!!

    Sneaky of them to s*d off for the summer, that way they can't cause problems in your area but I'll lay odds they were causing problems wherever they were

    Hope you and your neighbours keep a real close eye on them in the next six weeks. Being NFH they're bound to do something bad, I just hope somebody is there to see.

    Hope you at least have a few more weeks peace though.

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      Hi Tracy - glad but sad to see you back

      How awful to have your hopes dashed like that. I bet you are all dreading their return.

      Do they have Anti-social behaviour orders on them? If so, report them to the Police the instant they step a foot wrong.

      I hope you enjoyed a bit of the summer anyway without them there?

      Take care and you know where we all are.



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        Why wont they do anything? Possibly as they might the have to rehouse them elsewhere and have to go through the same thing all over again. So instead they leave you with the problem.


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          Hi Tracy

          Sorry they are back! But with only a while left on these orders, maybe it's better they mess up now(if they are are likely to do so), whilst the orders are still in force? Not that I wish you any aggro at all, but if they do it now, maybe they will learn a very tough lesson and you could get some permanent peace?

          I hope this all works out for you!



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            Just to re-iterate what the others have said, I hope that they are going to be quiet towards you in the future ... if they are on good behaviour orders, does that mean they get put away if they break the order?

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