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Irish News: Help Sought!

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  • Irish News: Help Sought!

    Hi all,

    You may have seen our 'sister site' at - 'Neighbours From Hell in Ireland' which came online around May this year:

    Would anyone like to take the lead role at helping add news stories to the

    Irish site here?:

    The Irish NFH Site hasn't had as much input as we'd hoped to give it recently, due to the time that needs to be injected into NFHiB by all the moderating/admin team - I'm also going to be shorter on time over the next few months.

    The intentions with the Eire based NFH are the same as here - to eventually establish a forum over at that site and have a big impact. With our connections and contacts from NFHiB we will achieve that in the future.

    To be absolutely honest, it is harder to find Irish based news, but a Member here has offered to help source the material on their daily visits through the net and e-mail the links. This should be really helpful as it will save some of the hard work involved in finding Eire based NFH news stories.

    It would basically mean logging in to the News Database panel there and putting the stories in, in the same format as NFHiB, complete with their link/source. It's easily got used too and not difficult once you get the hang of things.

    It is a trusted position, so we'd only prefer a regular member to do it.

    If you'd like some more info or are interested please PM me or say here, whichever suits. Unfortunately we cannot pay for your time, but you'd have bucketloads of our thanks for starters!

    Thanks all.

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    one volunteer is better than 10 pressed men!! (or women!) :P

    I will have to decline I am afraid! :blink: