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  • Court Attendance

    I have heard through the grapevine that my nfh has recently been to court as someone else other than myself has taken her to court for harrassment.

    I wondering if someone has any information on sites that could help me find out if this is true as i would dearly love to find out is she was found guilty.

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    Yes i am just being noisy and yes i should just be happy to know that someone else has taken her to court maybe she will realise exactly what her behaviour has been like with me but i would also like to know what evidence this other person had as this neighbour has made my life hell for some time


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      Why dont you ask your neighbour opposite NFH if he/she

      took NFH to court.

      If this is the case then you could ask them how they managed

      to get a prosecution order against your NFH.

      Armed with this information you could then proceed to start your

      own prosecution against your NFH.



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        Hi Techbabe

        Try back along the grapevine to see if you can get that information.

        You could also try your local press - sometimes they have information from Court about recent cases.

        Alternatively, you could ring the Court direct - not sure whether they would give you the information though.


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          i vaguely think the court keep records of what cases have been heard etc, and i think they can be perused by the public. id ring the court and ask.

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            the local press often release court procedings in the paper, or you could try asking some of your better neighbours if they have heard anything


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              None of the neighbours that I speak to know anything and my good neighbour was just as surprised as I was when I mentioned it to her.

              I will try to ring the court direct and i also thought about going to the local library but not sure if any of this woule be any good.

              I have found an internet sight that for around 30 pound you can supposedly do all sort of checks down to divorce, child support, bankruptcy and criminal etc but I am unsure about paying out good money if they don't work.


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                I came across a few of these online private eye services, in the hope to check out my neighbours past. The ones I checked needed quite specific details , namely National Insurance numbers.

                If you do us one would you let us know the outcome.

                Take care Kevin


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                  Phnoe the clerk of the court. Tell him or her what your situation is (nfh driving me mad, might be considering legal action myself, etc.) and ask if the records of cases are open to the public.

                  Might just be that it was the police. Check with them.

                  Many of these "information services" are either US-based so worse-than-useless, or offer you UK information that is avaialble in the public domain, anyway.