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  • Back Again :-)

    Morning all, hope everyone is well. Sorry to say I'm back and needing advice.

    My neighbour has 6 vehicles, 1 horse wagon, 1 camper van, 3 jeeps and a van. She parks the horse wagon on her drive which is directly next to my house, it blocks one of my windows and keeps the light out of my main window. She parks the the other 5 vehicles outside on the road, we are only a little road so it really fills it up. Is there anything I can do? I will post some pictures once I figure out how to get them off my phone xx

    PS She told me yesterday they are now getting a caravan as well. :-(

    PPS If anyone could please tell me how to upload a picture I would be muchly grateful doh. xx

    The lorry on their drive x

    The view from my living room.[ATTACH]768.IPB[/ATTACH]

    Please feel free to tell me if you think I am being a moaner, I would not take offence. I have asked her if it would be possible for her to park it elsewhere and she has said there is no more room on the road. Thats because its full of her vehicles.

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    I don't think you are moaning at all, that horse lorry is ridiculous. Are there any parking restrictions on your road at all? Are other neighbours bothered by all her vehicles?

    Could she park the lorry on the road and some of the cars on her drive and swap them about so you're not constantly in the dark?

    If she is approachable could you invite her in so she can see the problem from your point of view.


    Ps: Have merged your posts so they are all together :lol:

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      [ATTACH]769.IPB[/ATTACH]I'm not sure about parking restrictions, how would I find out?x I spoke to her yesterday and explained the situation about the darkness etc, her reply was I have no where else to park it and at least I'm out most of the day at the weekends, she parks it there from 4pm on Sunday and it doesn't move again till Saturday at about 11am. Our road is only really small so don't think it would fit anywhere else without blocking us totally in.

      Thats a picture of the road, the silver car is hubbys, the woman I had all the problems with years ago has also let them use her drive, so there is no room anywhere for the wagon, they also have caravan coming this week which she said they will be squeezing on their own drive as well.


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        The council can let you know about parking restrictions. I can't believe how many vehicles they have. How the hell will they get a caravan on there too!!!

        She sounds like she doesn't give a flip which isn't very helpful. Can't she put lorry on the neighbours drive?


        "Be silent, unless what you have to say is better than silence"


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          Thanks I will ring them tomorrow. *I know there are only 2 of them in the house and they have loads of vehicles. *They have laid slabs next to their drive to put the caravan on. * *She said she doesn't think the neighbour will let her as it has a huge oil leak, which is all over the pavement on our side. * She does have 2 yards with plenty of room for parking but she said the rats get in and eat her wires.


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            Tact hello - sorry to see you have had to come back it looks horrendous for you; I don't think the council would be pleased about the oil leak on the pavement - also is it a straight through road or a cul de sac as there has to be room for emergency vehicles to get through.


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              Definitely get someone to look at the oil leak incase it's affecting the water table. Also if it's on your property it would be awful if it got on you or your clothes

              "Be silent, unless what you have to say is better than silence"


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                HI Omega, hope your doing well.


                *The husband next door works in the planning department of the council :-( * *Tortiose I was thinking maybe I would slip over in it wearing head to toe designer gear...;-)


                I spoke to another neighbour today and he said 2 others off the road have already complained to them, so its not only me. *


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                  Hello Tact. Lovely to 'see' you again but so sorry you are having neighbour problems again. No I don't think you are being a moaner either :no:

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