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  • Moved At Last

    Well we've moved at last away from the house with thin walls and noisy renters. I would like to report that the new house is lovely and has 18 inch thick stone walls, it's very strange not to hear the neighbours! I keep listening out for them. So my tip to anyone wanting to move is to buy older houses, they are built better. Thanks for the support everyone and I shall continue to help out here as much as possible.

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    How are you adjusting to "normality" (used advisedly) Eckie? Is the relief as good as I imagine? When I get out of here, I'm gonna get a huge piece of fillet steak, a bottle of claret and sit out on my landlord's patio in the sunshine enjoying....



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      all I say Eckie is

      I am well chuffed for you!!

      I hope your new home is peaceful and happy, enjoy your new space without fear

      and come and see us often!!

      I am very very happy for you!!


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        Nice one Eckie

        Hope you enjoy many happy peaceful years at your new place. It does take time to adjust back to having 'normal' neighbours who aren't living in your pocket all the time, so give yourself space, it'll come. It took me quite a few months to stop worrying about it when NFH couple no. 2 went, it's only a human reaction.


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          Great to hear Eckie I too hope you have many happy and peaceful years in your new home

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Hi Eckie

            Good on you I wish you all the best in your new home



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              Thanks everyone for your kind words. Well Gordy it was not as simple as it might have seemed, the rented house nextdoor was empty the last couple of weeks before we moved so we had some relief there. The purchase of the new house took 5 months in all which has left us exhausted. We could not exchange contracts till late the day before we were due to move and we didn't get into the new house till late afternoon.

              But we still felt good the night we moved in. It will take a little time to adjust to normality. When we come home after an evening out we still listen out for music that might come through the walls.

              It is a nice feeling to think that our old problems are now behind us. Hopefully everybody else on this board can solve their situation positively.


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                That's great news Eckie - congratulations.

                I agree on the old houses = thicker walls = less risk of noise nuisance. They sure don't make houses like they used to.

                Glad to hear that you'll still stick around and share your experience on the Forum.


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                  Thanks Holly and April, I am settling now but a car went by this evening with loud music pumping out of it and for a moment felt that old stomach knot........ but then calmed as I heard it go down the street. It's gonna take time to chill 100% I think


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                    I know the sort of car :angry: .

                    If you find the perfect solution in chilling out, could you post it here for us all?


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                      I will indeed, I think that time is a great healer and I ignore any little sounds now that might have set me off in the old place, you know........ you listen for signs of impending noise when you have NFH.