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  • Chat-a-thon!

    from 1pm on Sunday there will be someone around the chat room area!!

    We will be checking every half hour to see if you are there.

    (on the hour and the half past.)

    So if you have a few minutes to spare on Sunday please pop in to say hello, come for a chat or discuss any burning issues you may have.

    even if its for a bit of a rant, we would love to see you in real time.

    As always the chat room will be active in the evening, it normally bizzies up at 8:30pm.

    so if you dont know how to get there.......

    click live chat blue mega phone at the top right hand corner of your screen,

    wait approx 2 mins for the grey java screen to load

    if you are asked for your password and name, its the same ones you use for the forum!!

    If this Sunday is a sucess we will be doing all day chat maybe once a month!

    so we would love to see you there!

    make sure you have a drink and snacks prepared by your side ready for typing!!

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    wow! ..your eyes will fall out!!


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      Get the antiseptic cream ready for those sore fingers!

      Remember if you're already logged into the forum, auto-login for the chat will kick in and you don't have to login again to the chat.


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        Please note change of time to 4pm,

        this is because there is real sunshine in the garden and I hope you will all be enjoying it!!


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          Beaten by the sunshine!!It's not often we will be able to say that Beth!! Hope you had a lovely afternoon