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    Here we go again; my next door nfh who claims he is a professional chauffeur came home while i was cutting my hedge which fronts on to a parking area. I had just finished the front sections and had gone in to the garden adiconnected the trimmer to move round to the side hedge. I heard a crunching grindin sound and discovered this pr*t had reversed over my hedge trimmer and trashed it. He had two other empty spaces he could have used but no he had to be bl**dy awkward. He parked so close to my steps it would have been impossible to carry on. Any way, at first he offered to pay when he got the bill he decided it was all my fault and offered me £20 in the form of a postal order! well this was not good enough so I contacted my house insurers and they did a search for his car insurers. I gave him three opportunities to pay but he didn't want to know. I contacted his insurer only to find out he worked for a company, he had been telling everyone this was his car and he worked for himself, what a liar but true to form. I contacted his company and he must have got in first because i got a very curt email telling me they wouldn't get involved and they would ignore any further correspondence...ok I duly informed them of the facts and with photos to prove my side i also gave them a run down to the character of my neighbour, liar, cheat bullsh***er etc. Guess what, they came back with an offer,, not the full amount, soon changed their tune when i told them i was preparing papers for thre small claims court. Anyway, they must have told my nfh because while we were out he decided he didn't like the flowers we had planted outside our front hedge and trampled them down, he then threw a bottle onto the top of the hedge. What a sad person. We will hold out for the full amount.

    Just in case you are not aware of my neighbours history he is mentioned on my first post, "Close Relations"he is the one who's partner screamed abuse at me calling me a pervert and making false allegations to the police which were proved false, they even tried to get a neighbours daughter to lie for them, she wouldn't. Not nice people but we are hoping they will be moved soon, we understand they are top of the list, can't wait. The only sad part is some other poor soals are going to suffer.

    I will let you know how our game of poker comes out.

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    Hi Antique

    good to see you again although wish you had a sucess story to tell us!

    I am pleased it looks like you will be compensated, but what a plonker!!

    He is licky the trimmer wasnt on, how would he of explained that to his boss?!?!!

    sorry boss I shreaded the wheels when I reversed over a hedger trimmer!

    dear oh dearie me!

    what can I say!

    did you log down that he trampled your plants and did you see him do it?

    if yes then I would be down the police station, get a little camera for those kodak moments, the ones where you can prove he is doing these things!

    I know this might be difficult for you after the accusations, waving a camera around.

    sometimes people see a camera and just stop what they are doing!

    I hope you get a nice new hedge trimmer and your plants recover, with all this rain they should do!!

    Ooo...why not surround your plants with manure? that will stop him jumping on them!!