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Deductions From Nfh Housing Benefit!

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  • Deductions From Nfh Housing Benefit!

    Hi all,

    I came across this message from another website message forum ( I hope you dont mind if I repost it here.....

    If you are a landlord whose tenants recieve housing benefit you will need to know about a new government initiative to help stop anti-social behaviour among tenants - deductions from their Housing Benefit!

    The Department of Work and Pensions are currently consulting on this proposal and would like to hear from people with their views on whether it is a good idea, and on the two proposed schemes for implementation.

    For those who would like to respond, I have put an answerform, which also summarises the government paper, onto my web-site in the Law Reform section. All responses received will be forwarded to the DWP.

    I have already received several pungent responses from landlords with strong views on the subject! Let your voice be heard!

    The url of the Law Reform section is:

    Tessa Shepperson

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    thanks for that rekless

    very intresting!

    you are always welcome to put up relavant stories!