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    Hey all

    I'm updating (and re-arranging) the Resources Section at on the main site with some new articles, my thoughts so far are for these articles that I'll be writing and putting together:

    -What is an ASBO?

    -Traffic Noise and Disruption

    -Noise from your neighbour - The Legal Avenues?

    -Bonfires - What you can and can't do

    -Whose Human Rights? (Brief look at the HRA 1998)

    Would anyone like to help write anything in it's completion or a segment? It'd be a great help that's for sure

    Also ideas in the pipeline for 'Mental Health Legislation', 'Switching off and relaxation from an NFH' and some others.

    Any other ideas or volunteers needed lots!


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    Sorry, I said a while ago didn't I that I'd do a bit on housing (homelessness) issues and I still haven't managed to do it! Apologies

    If someone's happy to check stuff out and help me tinker with stuff then I'll do some bits on Noise and Bonfires (unless anyone else has a burning ambition to do them?).


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      Oooh yes, thanks Holly - both on the Bonfire and Housing stuff Authors will be credited too with whatever they want to display on their article

      I know you did some extensive research on bonfire stuff, so you'll be a pro there

      I am writing What is an ASBO? as we speak...


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        The Self Help Articles have been updated on the main pages

        Big thanks to Holly who has written a Bonfire Help Sheet and an informative one on Homelessness, I've also added one about Anti-Social Behaviour/ASBO's.

        Hope people find them helpful and of course other visitors to the main NFH in Britain Site. I'll be adding another article later today hopefully - and if anyone would like to help write one, even just a paragraph or two you are very welcome and it'd be really helpful