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    Hi I am back with some fresh information. You may remember i said we would try the ombudsman, toal waste of time it appears the social srvices can do and say what they please; in fact it is almost as if we are to blame.

    We couldn't get anything out of the s.s they hide behind confidentiality when it suits them. All we wanted was some one to give us the answers to our questions but according to the S S rules we are not "qualifying individuals" where do they get these expressions from. Any way we contacted the ombudsman to try and get them to get the answers; everything today has a time limit and the letter which the S S sent us with so many errors and false allegations, they don't have to explain. I give up. I think the initials stand for Secret Service because they are pretty useless at Social Services.

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    Hi Antique,

    I'm so sorry you couldn't get anything from the ombudsman I really do despair sometimes. Ordinary, decent folk just seem to be more and more the objects of injustices.

    Have you any other plans to get something done?

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      Hi Misty e d

      One thing to come out of our complaint to the ombudsman was that we might have a claim for breach of confidentiality. This was because at the very beggining in 1998 when a neighbour reported this childminder to the social srvices, which should have been confidential the childminder knew who we were immediatly.

      For the record in case anyone else should need this contact address it is as follows:Information Commissioner

      Wycliffe House

      Water Lane


      SK9 5AF

      they cover breaches of the data act.

      Hope this will help some one. I will keep you up to speed if and when we get a reply although we don't hold out much hope.



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        Hello Antique, i am sorry to hear about your problems but i was wondering what that address was about?

        is it only for s.s breach or any organisation with authority to hold data about you.

        I have no idea if this is going in the right place but here goes.

        thanks and keep happy.



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          Hi batfree

          Yes it's for any organisation who breach the data protection act