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A Response From The Scottish Executive

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  • A Response From The Scottish Executive

    Well, quite a quick response from the Minister's office re my complaint that the ASBO procedure for non council tenants was more stressful than the procedure. I'll quote a few bits:

    'I am sorry to hear that the process of trying to prevent further anti-social behaviour has added to the stress caused by the behaviour itself. Tackling anti-social behaviour is one of the top priorities of the Scottish Executive and we are about to publish a consultation on our strategy to deal with both the causes and the effects of anti-social behaviour. This will include proposals for the anti-social behaviour (Scotland) bill which will be introduced in the Scottish parliament in the Autumn. As part of this process we are considering what needs to be done to improve the effectiveness of anti-social behaviour orders and improve the protection of witnesses and victims of anti-social behaviour'.

    The Executive has already taken steps to improve the effectiveness of ASBO's through the Crimininal Justice (Scotland) Acti 2003. Interim ASBOs were introduced to provide more immediate protection from anti-social behaviour. These interim orders come into effect on 27 June 2003. Local authorities and registered landlords (from 27 June) can apply for ASBOs on behalf of individuals in the local authority area using powers under section 19 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. However, local authorities are not required to apply for ASBOs, either at all or in particular circumstances. It is also for the local authority to determine within the context of its own policy and procedures on anti-social behaviour what, if any action it will take in the light of a complaint from an owner occupier.'

    Now to me, these interim orders are what should have been in place right from the start. But at the end of the day it seems to be down to the local authority if they choose to act on your complaint. I would be interested to know how to find out the numbers of complaints versus the numbers of ASBOs actually applied for, and if they weren't applied for then why not. All in all, a reasonably positive letter, and they are going to send me a copy of the consultation document when it is available.

    Things have been very quiet for us at the moment, but the NFH keeps approaching my husband (obviously thinks he can persuade him) and asking why we are doing this. He seems to think it's all about the noise. He says his stereo has been bust for the last few weeks (yes it has been quieter), but they just blast their little stereo out in the garden instead. this weekend was the quietest it has been for ages - but that's no guarantee it's going to last. They've still to meet with mediation - they cancelled their first appointment. Spoke to mediation wifie, and she is visiting them with a very experienced person (ie, he won't take any s**t). So hopefully that will be enough, but the diary will still be available in my kitchen to jot things down as they happen. Feeling much more positive, like I've got him on the run really.

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    I am really pleased you got a reply!!

    so nice one