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  • Is It Just Me ?

    Hello all,

    Just wondering, is it just me ?I have seen on the news about the failed housebreaker, who got shot by the the farmer. He has now been given the go ahead to sue the farmer for 15 grand, is it just me that is appalled by this ?


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    I know!!!

    absolutly shocking!! what can you say....the chap that broke in and is sueing actually has 30 criminal convictions as well!!

    it is scandelous

    we are becoming truely americanised with all this sueing and counter claiming lark!!!!


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      I think you'll find literally millions of people who are also appalled at this. Maybe Tony Martin should countersue for being so shocked and distressed he actually felt the need to fire a shot which caused him to end up in prison!!

      The trouble with the law is that common sense does not seem to figure in it!

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Furious isn't the word. I wanted to do something on this, make my voice heard - any idea what I can do, who to write to?


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          is it the home secretary?


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            Brendan Fearon has no rights at all, he lost those - or definitely SHOULD HAVE when he broke into someone elses house.

            C'mon people, this is wrong wrong wrong.

            Write, ring up radio and TV stations when this is being debated, lets do something on this. I really do want to wake up out of this bad dream where the criminals are winning and untouchable by the law.

            A few months ago, my boyfriend was away overnight. In the daytime a car pulled up behind our paddock, I looked around, no one got out of the car and it pulled away. That evening about six thirty, the same car pulled up and parked further down the forest path. Three young blokes got out. One stared at this house, the other two looked in the opposite direction, all smoking nervously. I knew they were up to something, I was terrified. I went out with the dogs in the garden to show someone was around the property and switched the outside light on. They got back in the car and I watched the car from a bedroom window for an hour. The light inside the car was on and they were smoking - by this time I was watching them through binoculars. My heart was pounding, as I knew I was helpless. I kept my mobile phone with me in case they cut the phone line - their car was right underneath it - the same place a car was burnt out a few months before that damaging the phone line.

            A few things here. There were three robberies in the village down the road in the last month or so, cars had been stolen too - and we'd noticed things in our garden 'disturbed' around the time of the robberies, plus fag ends and chip papers in our driveway on three occasions. Four years ago three blokes had got on the property and one was outside the front door with some sort of a tool. I wasn't here, but my boyfriend was, but mostly I am here on my own. Describing these blokes to my boyfriend, they were the same three lads - won't go into detail, but they were unmistakeably the same three. These three also get up to illegal shooting and poaching, so I know they're around and they have guns. The farmer also knows about them, they've nicked his stuff before now and the National Trust ranger tells me when a deer has been shot illegally. He's had to put barriers stopping cars going down one of the paths and he shuts the car park on the other side of the forest every night at 5.30.

            So in t elight of all this I knew who they were and that they were up to something - and staring at the house for such a long time, I'm absolutely sure they were going to try and rob the house - and I was there on my own. SO I KNOW what it's like to be terrified out of your wits.

            I rang the police far too late and the woman who answered wasn't exactly sympathetic. A police car came about twenty minutes later, and it was my fault, by that time they had gone. I had evey light in the house on by then and my mobile phone with me. I kept the lights on all night. It doesn't stop there, a few weeks ago we went out to the car to find all the windows down. We heard a voice coming from the road like a shout - there's no pavement, so it was all very odd. Still haven't got to the bottom of that.

            When you're out in the sticks, you know that you're alone, and all the screaming in the world won't alert the neighbours as there are none - of course the criminals know that also, which is why it is so frightening. To even think that a criminal can claim compensation for something that happens to him after breaking into my property... Is it my skewed way of thinking but should they not be there in the first place?? We should be the ones claiming compensation.

            Writing the above was enough to make me scared again. I've edited it like mad as I wanted to put it down quickly without dwelling on it - I still get the heebie jeebies thinking about it, but Tony Martin was on his own, and even though he's a bloke, he too would have been really scared. They'd broken into his property a few times previously so what were they going to do this time?

            I'm not going to let this go. I'm sick of the crims getting away with murder - and oh yes, they do.


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              We're also too Americanised in respect of gun ownership and use. The law says 'reasonable' force is ok. To my mind, it's not reasonable to shoot first and ask questions later, nor to shoot someone in the back as they run away. My memory of this case may be hazy, but I thought these were some of the facts.

              I doubt if this claimant will get much in the way of either sympathy or damages from the courts, as the whole thing would have been avoided if he'd been going about his business in a lawful manner.

              A bit like Saddam is (was?) indeed a bad guy, but shouldn't have had US chemical & radioactive weapons used against him!! (Both these last are true, but didn't make the News Of The World or The Sun!!) And all the rest of the H.E. was a case of overkill (sorry, bad pun intended.)
              "Poor Tom shall lead thee" (King Lear)


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                To my mind it's unreasonable to break into someone's home and wail about the trouble that comes after. Tough, shouldn't have been there in the first place.

                I don't think any questions need to be asked when you're woken up by robbers in the night in an isolated house - they're hardly there to clean the carpets.

                Gun culture? Yes, the crims have them we don't - so any reasonable force will be quite unreasonable against three men with guns if and when they eventually get onto this property. Unreasonable as we'll lose out.

                Perhaps future robbers would like to sue us on account we didn't have goods that they could sell on easily.

                Tony Martin's house and property had repeatedly been broken into and damaged, I read some of the things they'd done to his property leading up to that night.

                I disagree, the courts will be sympathetic as little by little the criminals and law breakers are winning through. His 'lawful business' was the unlawfull business of thieveing, stealing, breaking into peoples homes and generally making other people's lives a misery.

                Don't read the two newspapers mentioned so can't comment on what they did or didn't report. I do however know a reporter who was out there (independent) which is why I didn't post on the thread about the war. Independent reporters had a terrible time out there - the ones who wouldn't say 'what was required'. They were frowned on and their lives made as difficult as possible. I've spoken to him a few times since he came back and my eyes have been opened on what was reported and what actually happened.


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                  I agree with Spinkysay.I live out in the sticks and the though some somebody breaking into my property and being unable to do anything about it is concerning to say the least.We are allowed to use reasonable force, agreed, but the clause to this is that reasonable force can only be used if you believe yourself to be in danger.In my minds eye coming across somebody in your house would make anybody believe themselves to be in danger.

                  Americans , love them or loath them can use lethal force to protect their property.All they need do is issue a verbal warning and that's it.Phone the police after, basically end of story.There is even a club set up over there called the Texas Rangers. These people put stickers in their windows stating they are a memeber of this club.The first memeber of this club to shoot an intruder will get a reward of $100.000. To date, nobody as broken into one of their houses.Is this not the ultimate deterrant? It makes you wonder if this is the road we are heading down.

                  It appears that we are becoming less and less secure in our own homes and more and more powerless to do anything about it.Don't get me wrong I am not suggesting we all start sleeping with guns under our pillows but to lock people up for protecting themselves and then to allow this moron to sue him is like rubbing salt into the wound.

                  Like I said Americans ,love them or loathe them, I really feel that one way or the other we will eventually become their 53th state and simply fall into line behind them, heaven help us !!!


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                    The sad fact is that 'reasonable force' has never really been defined. It's a very woolly area. But did you know that the 1689 Bill of Rights reaffirmed the rights of subjects to carry arms? The Bill of Rights is still in force and has never been repealed. Although I suppose with all this talk about the European Constitution that might not be too far off.

                    I found a very interesting article at:

                    I found this quote towards the end:
                    Dicey, op. cit., pp.493-495, citing Foster; "Where a felony is committed and the felon flyeth from justice, or a dangerous wound is given, it is the duty of every man to muse his best endeavours for preventing an escape. And if in the pursuit the flying party is killed, whereby he cannot otherwise be overtaken, this will be deemed justifyable homicide. For the pursuit was not barely warrantable; it is what the law requireth, and will punish the willful neglect of".[/b]

                    Seems they did things differently in the old days

                    Spinky, it must be terrifying for you to have to put up with those three blokes virtually stalking you Is there any way you can get video evidence of them hanging around. It's possible, probably likely, that they are known to the police and I still think it's an offence to be 'loitering with intent'.

                    As for Tony Martin, I think he was probably in fear of his life after all those burglaries and if the law won't protect him then their neglect has caused him to take 'unusual' measures. He claimed in court that he didn't mean to kill anybody. Why should we disbelieve him. He'd never been in trouble of any kind before, unlike the thieves who tried to rob him.

                    Short point about the Iraqi 'war'. A lot of people on the internet have remarked on the number of independent and embedded journalists who died. I don't think it was all coincidence. In fact before the war Kate Adie stated on an Irish radio programme that she'd been informed by a pentagon adviser that journalists should be careful about 'being in the wrong place at the wrong time', that if they got in the way it was their own fault. She took it as a threat.

                    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi