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  • Cctv

    I've just picked up a great online contact from 'Steve' see below advising about CCTV cameras etc, here we are (thanks Steve!).

    Morning guys, just been reading some of your posts regarding security and CCTV and the high cost etc. Just an idea, which may have already been suggested somewhere but maybe you could tell your members to check out e-bay they often have good quality cameras, monitors and time lapse video recorders at bargain prices.

    As an ex-police officer as well as running my own security firm I would urge that your members fit quality kit as the whole intention of buying the system is to get the offenders identifed and prosecuted. Some of the DIY kits are ok for daytime use but offer poor night time viewing.

    I've not joined as a member, purely because I'm a moderator on another site which takes up most of my spare time, but if necessary your members can email me if they require security advice.

    I can be contacted on [email protected]

    Hope this helps



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    Hehe our lot get about a bit, Steve`s a good lad and his offer of free advice is typical of him.

    No problem with the linking to your site Matthew, this is one of those sites that everyone should know the link too. I`m only to glad to help.

    Ill mention this site in our forums. Im sure it`ll prove of interest to many of our visitors.

    Keep up the good work, your all doing a great job.
    The Security Installer