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mental health?

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  • mental health?


    there has been a lot of discussion recently about asylums and large "safe places"

    the first thing we need to look at is are we talking about learning disabilities (old term mental handicap)


    Mental health problems

    some people have a dual diagnosis!

    they are very different!!

    years ago all and sundry would be housed in large institutions, no matter what the problem

    there was no real difference between the two, everyone was simply seen as disturbed.

    you know the phrases....disturbed, touched, mad, insane, demented, lunatic, simple....and going back in history...the village idiot!

    everyone was seen as a risk to "normal" people (a word I hate, as what is normal?)

    and they were housed in asylums, workhouses, convents and the large institutions.

    shut away from the rest of society.

    these days there is more knowledge about both conditions, and it was found that big institutions did not work.....after all, does it really make sense to house a whole load of people with problems in the same place?

    it might do for you ...the joe public but what about the people who have lost all independence and in some cases, peoples problems have have actually increased due to learnt behaviours from other *patients*

    now just for the record, there are still places that help people with problems when they are in crisis.

    most hospitals will have a psychiatric deptmant or wing where people can be assessed for risks and medication issues.

    medicine has come a long way from the dark ages and chemicals in the brain can be balanced with a few pills daily.....

    however problems can start when medication is missed.....most people who have received professional help will be asigned an outreach worker, unfortunatley funding is very poor in this area.

    please remember when you start labelling people with problems as it is not as cut and dry as it seems!

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    I remember reading about and seeing on tv a psychologist, I think his name was Sartz, something like that, who claimed there was no such thing as mental illness. His reasoning was that if a so called mental illness could be cured or treated with a drug then it was a physical illness due to a chemical imbalance in the body. I suppose he had a valid point.

    However, as Beth said 'what is normal?' We are now a mulicultural society and what may be normal in one culture might be seen as abnormal in another. Behaviour exhibited by someone from a minority might be classed by Western medicine as a case for treatment. There are so many variables. It's like intelligence, nobody has yet come up with an exact definition of intelligence, so how can you measure what you cannot quantify?

    Just because someone's behaviour embarasses us or annoys us, is that any reason to have them incarcerated? Granted, if the behaviour presents a real danger to others then something has to be done and maybe locking somebody up in a secure environment is the only sensible thing to do. If somebody is so out of control, that his/her behaviour is causing distress to others, distress that leads to the mental, emotional and/or physical deterioration of others, then perhaps that would also be a case for enforced treatment and/or for them to be removed from society until the treatment works.

    To be honest I think the subject is too big and too broad for any one approach to work. And certainly, as a lay person I wouldn't even begin to know how to tackle it. However I don't think the 'experts' are all knowing either and being human they're bound to make mistakes.

    Compassion is all very well, but if your sleep is being disturbed night after night, even if there is no direct threat to you, then I think you do have a right to expect the authorities to do something. Yes we should be concerned about, and help, the mentally ill, but are their rights paramount?

    Sorry, I just seem to be talking in circles here. I suppose I'm trying to see things from both sides and not doing enough justice to either. Time for me to shut up, I think

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi