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No NFH in Soaps

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  • No NFH in Soaps

    You never see "standard" NFH disputes/gripes in Eastenders or Corrie, eg. noise, kids and footballs, pet problems etc.

    Chuh, how REAL is that?

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    oh I dont know....

    one of our old neighbours round the back were christened the Battersbys by the community!

    and when the jacksons first started in eastenders the kids were tear-a-ways.

    I do remember the ramsey street residents complaining once about a loud party...

    but I do take your point, it would be intresting to see a real problem occuring .....and then perhaps some one saying..

    "thers an internet support group for your problem!!"

    how cool would that be!!!


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      The Dingles were a pretty nasty family when they first appeared in Emmerdale.

      There have been a couple of NFH 'incidents' in Brookside, the Dixons were referred to as the Clampetts by Max Farham, but he ended up marrying one of them so they couldn't have been that bad Maybe we should contact some of the soap makers and suggest NFH as a storyline

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        What about the Grimshaws in Corrie? Do you remember that "little" storyline when Steve was trying to sell their house (they are tenants there).

        The lads (Todd and ??) decided to play loud music to make Vera start banging on the wall and shouting to them to turn it down? Effectively to put viewers off buying the house.

        But I agree, there should be a proper full-on story about NFH.


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          Yeah, NFH in drama - not that the soaps mentioned deserve the word 'drama' attached to them.

          Er... is this another mad coincidence of mine? I'm hoping Matthew will read this then I can post a reply.

          How peculiar.