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Neighbours From Hell in Ireland

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  • Neighbours From Hell in Ireland

    We are proud to announce a new Neighbours From Hell site!

    'Neighbours From Hell in Ireland' will be opening it's doors soon to support and empower people who need help with nuisance neighbours who are resident in Ireland. There is a need for this, and to make our information more personalised and useful to Irish members, this site has been created.

    Neighbours From Hell in Ireland will be based at:

    There are no plans at the moment to start a seperate forum board for Irish residents at the new site (they will continue to use the board here), although if there is a demand this is a possibility and can be realised

    Big thanks go to a forum member here who has agreed to be a frontline contact with me in launching, establishing and developing the site now and in the future.

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    good o!!

    I think that being nfh in britain is good but it does mean ROI is left out, kinda a tricky one as they are joined to us but not if you know what I mean!

    can we have suggestions about what to call the new topic folder please...

    it needs to be PC but snappy,

    all I can come up with is "non uk based questions and support!!"

    as always all ideas welcomed!!

    I would like to add my thanks to our volunteer too!

    and a big welcome to any Irish nationals who have joined us.


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      Great, and well done to the volunteer!

      I think that the Folder name needs to be straight forward and clear - NFH: In Ireland (?) would be my suggestion for a Forum folder.

      Congratulations NFH in Britain with the site expansion.


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        Live and Up!

        The Neighbours From Hell Communities are proud to announce that Neighbours From Hell in Ireland is now live:

        This newest 'sister' site is in direct partnership with Neighbours From Hell in Britain and will be added to over the coming months

        Neighbours From Hell in Ireland is primarily intended for use by those residents in the Republic of Ireland (Southern Ireland) as the laws & legislation differ between Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland.