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  • NFH Logos

    NFH has some logo's up online here:

    With some bigger logo's if needed (half A4 page size) - please use them freely if you need them

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    What a fantastic idea April!

    Beth and I discussed getting NFH car stickers made up yesterday (the ones that you can peel off again easily), but came to the conclusion it may be understandably difficult for some people to want to display them and keep their anonymity of membership to this site too.

    Out of Interest: Would anyone have been interested?


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      I will add here that I did think about putting the nfh poster on my car window.

      But then as I park next to nfh how would that affect things? So I decided not to and put them up in work instead!

      (Although after tonight's rant I may just like a car sticker!)


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        Well, I think it's very clever April and if you'd be kind enough to e-mail your copy I'll galdy print some off and give them to people who come in to our Office with neighbour problems!