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  • We Need You!

    Hi all,

    Since we've been on our new domain from last October we've done incredibly well and have built up a great membership and regular site visitors to the main site and the forum board. A big thanks to everyone that's helped us do this by consciously promoting the site and of course most importantly keeping our forum busy with postings We really appreciate it and couldn't have done it without you and because of your help, we are thriving!

    Although we are doing very well, we need to reach a wider audience and most importantly encourage new forum members to join so we can continue to help and support each other which is what we are ultimately here for.

    If you haven't taken a look at the Promote Us page, please have a look here:

    - to see if you can help us further to reach more people that need our support.

    Your signatures that contain our address when you post in other forums/newsgroups (Usenet) and other message board areas help a great deal - so if you're a member of other communities please consider adding our address in your signature or if you're not, in your e-mail maybe.

    If you write to your favourite newspaper or online site, please ask them to link us if it's appropriate, it all really, really helps. There are some other ideas on the Promote Us page and if you know of a good promotional idea we're not currently using, please let us know.

    Thanks everyone

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    please do a little to help!

    one way is to print the NFH poster from the main site and pop it into your local CAB and housing office.

    Everytime I meet a police officer or someone in housing I plug the site.

    you never know that these people might just tell a friend about it.

    it seems everyone I have told knows at least one person who has some kind of problem with NFH.

    the word of mouth is a wonderful thing!!


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      I can't stand them - but how about contacting Richard and Judy?

      Or their old programme on ITV?

      Radio stations are the biggies - if members can drop an e mail to their local radio stations, a lot of them would bite. Some county newspapers would be interested in a story too. Our county paper has a strange mix of news from around the world and the rest of the UK mixed in with the young farmers get togethers...


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        Just read the noise awareness day thread and April had already mentioned the above ideas - oops!

        Plagiarise I do not do!


        PS - Although some ****** have done it to me...


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          I did email the Richard and Judy site, Spinks, asking them to add us but I heard nothing back from them

          I tell everybody about this site I've also got a signature on my emails. I'll have another look at the Promote Us page and see if there's anything else I can do.

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Have just added signature to my e-mail address.

            Have put up poster at work; have done a huge amount of "word of mouth" referrals to the site.

            Has anyone contacted GMTV?

            BTW, it was on Richard & Nudey (sorry, Judy, oops another boob, my apologies) that I heard about the site.

            What about Des and Mel? Asking Kilroy to include details on one of his shows?


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              Thanks everyone

              Posters, word of mouth etc really do help a lot

              Holly - I think between you, me and Beth we've covered quite a bit of Yorkshire! Great stuff.


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                you really heard about us on richard and Judy?????

                I dont remember any thing coming up on their show

                intrigued now!!


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                  Yes, pretty sure it was on there.

                  I joined the forum in December so it must have been on about that time (about 1 - 2 weeks before I joined). They were having a discussion about neighbour problems and the site was mentioned. I'm sure it was on there. I'm questioning myself now, but yes, it must be. That't how I knew what the address of the site was and I'm almost certain it was on their show. (Oh, I've admitted now that I watch them!)


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                    might of been one of the past members who mentioned it or they might just of found the site (the researchers)

                    Holly watches R&J Holly watches R&J!!!!!!


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                      Oh no, my secret's out. I'm going off to hide

                      Well, actually, I only watch it now and again . I like to watch J, she makes my day, and I like "You say, we pay" because R always looks behind him and cheats.

                      I must dash now, as I need to get home in time for the show. I do believe they're having a highlight of the series run this week. R & J must be off on hols at their home in Cornwall.

                      Oh, it's all coming out now isn't it?