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  • NFH Legislation Section

    The NFH Law & Legislation database has been updated and integrated into the main NFH site (e.g. no longer opens in a new page). It'd be really handy if anyone could let me know if they find any links in the forum posts that are now incorrect to the new look Legislation section, so I can alter them to be correct.

    - We also need plain-english write-up's/descriptions of some of the Legislations to publish in the section - you know the kind of thing, 'user-friendly' how it works articles and what it really means in practice etc. If anyone would like to help out (be a big help actually) with doing an article/write-up on a particular act, please let me know.

    Thanks all

    Law & Legislation is here.

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    I could see if I can e-mail you some user friendly stuff on the Housing Act if that helps?

    Scoobs I think could do a bit on the harassment side of things, maybe?


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      Thanks Holly, that'd be great Is it your own work or from another source BTW? Only reason I ask, is we have to be careful of any copyright issues that may be in force - but we can always ask for permission to use any material.


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        I was going to e-mail you loads of my own stuff which I use when I run training courses, but for some reason it's not on this computer. I'll have a rummage through my floppies to see if I can find it and then I'll get it to you. If not, I'll just re-write the law!

        This will be Part VII Housing Act 1996 (as amended by Homelessness Act 2002).

        There is stuff that crops up now and again on the forum about what Notices landlords can serve and what grounds etc.

        If people would find that useful, I could see what I could muster up in that department?