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NFH - The Definitive Manual

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  • NFH - The Definitive Manual

    How to be a Neighbour From Hell?: The Definitive Manual!

    A big thanks to all members on the Forum that helped with this collective effort, I hope you like how it's presented online (all chapters are credited to the original forum author, if you want your name removed please just let me know). If you spot any problems/issues with it, please let me know. This is ideally going to be an ongoing project, so all new additions always welcome.

    The address is: NFH: The Manual!

    If you'd like to add a new 'Chapter' - contact me via PM/E-Mail or you can post your chapter addition from the existing pages, from the "Please e-mail us your submissions" link on the left hand side.

    Hope you like it!

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    Lol, Matthew, I love it

    Just one thing, though, on my page you've put mini-buses instead of mini-bikes Sorry to point out such an insignificant mistake

    But it looks great, where can we find a publisher?

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      Originally posted by Mistyeyeddreamer@Mar 20 2003, 11:25 PM

      Just one thing, though, on my page you've put mini-buses instead of mini-bikes ¬* Sorry to point out such an insignificant mistake¬*
      Oooops, where did I get mini-buses from?!! That would be some 'toy' for children wouldn't it?!! Corrected it, thanks for pointing it out.


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        Just to say that the manual has been updated today with a new addition, Chapter 15!

        Big thanks to Phil & Caz for this entry.

        You can view it here:


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          Chapter 18 is up today!

          Since the last post on this thread (I think we've got another NFH Manual Thread which has been updated since, somewhere...! :blink, we've also had Chapter's 16 & 17 added too! :lol:

          All submissions welcome, anytime - get yourself in print on the main site. B)


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            Have just read the manual. Chapters 1 and 8 could have been written especially for us. Brilliant. Really cheered me up and made me chuckle. Thanks

            Tortoise :nfh1:

            "Be silent, unless what you have to say is better than silence"


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              Glad you enjoyed it tortoise! If you ever fancy submitting a chapter or two just give me the nod!


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                Ouch, at least my dispute is a legal matter.

                After reading this I think I'd have to invest in a baseball bat and succumb to the voices in my head :blink:

                Sadly, after 'human watching' for the last few years I think it'll get worse not better. Anyone want to go part shares on an Island somewhere build a large wall around it and blow the cr*p out of anyone approaching from the mainland ?


                PS. Needs a chapter on the basics, Get pregnant as early as possible to get your own flat and away from parental influences. Don't give your toddler just one father figure, but a whole variety of males to choose from. Scream loudly at your child whenever you like, but make sure you take them to a public place to slap them. Sheesh I could go on here...
                'And if the elevator tries to break you down..... Go Crazy..'



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                  Chapter 19 added today


                  Be sure to have a read through if the NFH Manual is new to you.

                  Thanks to the latest submitter. If anyone would like to add a chapter, please let me know via e-mail or PM! Thanks.


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                    I've really enjoyed reading this :lol: See so much of my NFH and her cronies in there :nfh1:

                    Doesn't anyone know a publisher - it would make the most fantastic book! :hihi:


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                      I just re read the whole lot! I forgot how funny it all was....yet soooooo true! :lol: