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Shall I contact previous occupiers of my flat ?

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  • Shall I contact previous occupiers of my flat ?

    I have a NFH that puts music extremely loud and is extremely rude. I have tried to speak with her, things got even worse. I'm thinking about complaining to the police or council but I'm afraid of the consequences.

    I know from other neighbours that her relationship with previous tenants on my flat was terrible, but of course they don't know all the stories.

    I know the names of these tenants (through letters), and I would be able to get in touch with them via Facebook or LinkedIn. Do you think this is a sensible thing to do ? I just want to have more information before making a big decision, and to have some backing in case things get really really bad.

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    I don't see what harm it would do to contact the previous tenants. You have to be aware, if you aren't already, that noise nuisance starts after 11pm. Please see the government's website:


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      Statutory Nuisance laws do not focus on how late the music is but the impact it has on the people in the surrounding area.
      It's a bit of a myth that it has to be after certain times.
      No one would be happy living next to someone who played loud music at full volume from 7am and then immediately turned it off at 11pm. Every day would be terrible.
      Are any other neighbours suffering? Maybe, you could ask if they would complain with you as a group?
      I don't really see how finding out from the previous tenants will help. I'm sure she was probably just as bad then and they are glad to be away from it.
      At the very least, you could have a chat with the council and police and then decide what action you want to take.
      One thing I do know, is that you will have to complain at some point if you want it to stop.