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    Hi all,

    The NFH Website now has an Audio File section up and running here.

    To start us off, there is a copy (relevant edited bits as one file, not the whole hour program) of BBC Radio 4's "You and Yours" program from January, featuring Noise Issues/Problems - handy in case you missed it/or part of it.

    The Audio files should 'stream' while you hear them - in other words, you can listen to an audio file, while you download it at the same time (saves having to wait until your file downloads and then say, play from the computer hard drive).

    If you have any problems, please let me know via e-mail/private message, so I can try and fix them.

    If you've got any relevant audio files, please e-mail them to me for possible inclusion into the page. Let me know how you get on - hope the Audio File program is useable

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    woo hoo!

    it works! (really starting to hate hearing that clip)


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      Originally posted by E.Beth@Jan 26 2003, 11:43 AM

      it works! (really starting to hate hearing that clip)
      Ahhh, the price of fame?!


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        The LBC Radio Interviews from last week have now been added

        Access the Audio File section from here:


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          Originally posted by april@Jul 28 2003, 11:40 PM

          Apparently need new software, that realplayer can't find. Is it different than the others
          Hi April,

          No, same as the others, in .mp3 format again. Wonder why Real Player is kicking in for you? It must be the default on your computer. For most people Windows Media Player or Winamp kicks in, etc.

          You could always right click and save as or download the file from the download icon in the sound file listing and then listen from your hard drive.


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            Glad you heard it April!



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              ahhhhhhhhh!!! :sad:

              bad interview! I am amazed that one of the residents didnt make it on to the tape shouting "hiya Beth" with all her lung power!!

              (did it at work!)

              not an interview I enjoyed to be honest so would be happier if no one listened to it!! :P :P