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  • Is it me ?

    I first posted on these pages because I was seeking help in not harming my NFH (6 FT Brute Staples Loving Grandmother of 20 to Ceiling - Read all about it). But as I read your problems and mine pale in comparison. I find myself logging on each day with a growing sense of horror and distress on your behalf. I apologise if these words cause offence, but whats happening out there really does leave me deeply troubled.

    I joined up at sixteen (I'm only 42 now)and a half and lived in barracks for the next few years. If anyone was making too much noise, a knock on the door and a 'please keep it down' or 'even a 'shut the f*** up !' was enough to do the trick. By common consent unrully behaviour toned way down at 10:30. Habitual offenders soon came to realise the error of their ways.

    When I was lucky enough to marry 'she who must be obeyed' and we moved into Married Quarters the same guidelines applied. No written rules, just a common unspoken consideration. Youngsters were excused, every kid has bad nights. People with dogs by would take it in turns to make sure that mess on the common area was cleared away (my happy days with bucket and coal shovel :blink: !!) People who found themselves unable to live that way found themselves ostracised (spelling?)

    Even outside (its a small village) Its keep an eye out for the Neighbours, get em coal if their skint. Hot meal if their old. Help in the house. Last month the guy 2 doors up gave me his old shed (I now have two :blush

    Its only in the last few years that we've encountered NFH behaviour and thats only because we point blank refuse to be bullied.

    I'm getting this off my chest because I really don't know how most of you have been able to cope. It leaves me feeling small and I think if it were me I'd be doing time by now. I really don't understand how your not.

    I'm going to post this so you know that no matter how crappy it gets I'm sitting here raging on your behalf and mentally swinging a baseball bat.

    I'll probably take this off tommorow from sheer embarrasment (and the 102 Horror stories of Forces Life this engenders.)

    I can't really express the concern and admiration I'm feeling for you Guys so I'm ending this now.

    'And if the elevator tries to break you down..... Go Crazy..'


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    Ogre, thanks for psoting that!

    I am aware that, in comparison, our two nfh are minor iritants compared to many of the members here.

    But you suffer because you have a nfh, too. It could be that you are more tolerant than some. And your nfh is lucky for that! :nfh1: :thumbs:


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      Hi Ogre (no need for taking your post off here tomorrow! ),

      I think you're right - how lots of our members have kept their cool is amazing (although giving nfh no reaction is most often the best response)! It is astounding the coping strategies people can come up with when feeling under complete seige (and sad that they have to!). I wouldn't like to trivialise anyone's nfh problems, because anything that disturbs your home-life isn't trivial

      I think the support that all the members give here to each other is tremendous, and to be applauded....your own comments included



      P.S. glad your baseball bat-swinging is only imaginaryl :P


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        Absolutely HN!

        I'd have gone completely bonkers by now if it hadn't been for this site and the people here.

        Ogre, please keep posting. If your neighbours are getting to you, in whatever way, then you belong here

        Mrs B


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          Hey Ogre

          It is amazing how we all keep going, but we do. I think it's great that there's this Forum where we can all come to share our worries, fears, hopes, dreams and laughs - and anger.

          We all know where each others coming from and that sharing experience is invaluable.

          Keep posting!


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            Yes SP! What goes around, comes around, as they say. Hope it's not too nasty to say that I hope I'm around to see it when my NFH get their cosmic comeuppance :devil:

            Wicked Bolsh


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              I may be wrong but i do get the impression that NFH's all have the same trait a total lack of intelligence's?


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                Aah, I remember the days of barracks and married quarters I never recall having NFH during those years. But then we were surrounded by disciplined people.

                I think that's what is missing in today's society. Most people have self discipline which means they can deal with other people in a reasonable manner but more and more we see a lack of it.

                NFH and their ilk have no discipline, no respect for others and very little respect for themselves. They've either never been taught how to behave or are too stupid to learn lessons. People with self respect would not act in a manner that makes them NFH. They think fear is respect, they think that if others don't like them it's because others feel inferior. See, I told you they were stupid :P

                "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                  Hi Ogre,

                  It's so disheartening to think that such horrid, selfish and pure nasty people can live near us and we have no control over it. It is a real shock to the system when they come crashing in and invade our lives like this :sad: .

                  You are better then your NFH - you live a decent way and that's why you are concerned for others here and have been so cross to read the threads here.

                  I appreciate your concern and that is why this forum is so great - it can make you feel less isolated and restores your faith that there are some decent people about still




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                    Originally posted by Ogre@Dec 11 2003, 8:14 PM

                    But as I read your problems and mine pale in comparison.* I find myself logging on each day with a growing sense of horror and distress on your behalf.* I apologise if these words cause offence, but whats happening out there really does leave me deeply troubled.
                    Hi Ogre,

                    We always say if you have a problem, it's a problem, full stop. After all, it's all relative as indeed many NFH problems are - for example Noise, this may annoy some people at certain levels/sources, whereas others aren't bothered.

                    That's what makes the forum so unique, we all can relate to each other's NFH probs and find the common consistencies in each. When you get down to it too, the commonalities in NFH traits are often all there - bullying, harassing, cowardice, a 'superior sense' of their own self worth, a 'blinkered' attitude to their neighbours/world around themselves, etc. (Rockbank's article when it goes live is a good read ref all these traits).

                    NFH assault you - they push themselves into your life, it's unwanted and it 'hurts' - therefore it's an assault. They affect you on many different levels, some obvious, some more subtle. NFH inflict themselves on others who want to lead normal, peaceful and decent lives in their homes. :yobs:

                    There is so much NFH trouble out there, you're right and I suspect there's probably more than can be imagined too, so no offence taken by your words.



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                      Hi Orge,

                      What kind thoughtful sentiments, was lovely to read.

                      But your problems (I dont know how to do the quote thing on here) so hope I remember correct what you said your problems pale in comparison. Not true.

                      If someone is interferring with your way of life and making you live by their rules no matter what guise it takes, it is a huge problem to you. I know I once thought when my G** next door started on me, I felt as tho I had been physically assualted (even tho it didn't happen he only made those threats) and the worst thing of all was that my home (the place I should have felt safe in) have been violated.

                      So coming here and finding out it is not just "me" was such a huge relief.

                      I actually put in NFh in the search and found this sight and believe it or believe not, when all these stories came up I sent a message to the Admin asking them to assure me this sight was real and not a wind up....

                      So it's a good safe place to visit.

                      You and SHMBO stick with it. Your problems are important.

                      SEE, i've gone off on one now :lol: