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  • Rent a Bobby

    I just saw abrief mention of a Rent a Bobby scheme the government are considering..

    am i right in thinking they are suggesting we directly pay half a policeperson's wages in order to have our own local PC?

    What malarkies is this? dont i pay copious amounts in council tax, income tax and national insurance for our police service? which is supposed to include a local bobby? :angry:

    how the heck is this going to help poor people who cannot afford this ? unless of course the government is hoping the better off will buy their own police force and leave the usual force to deal with the poorer sections of society... :huh:

    a two tier police police, to go with our two tier NHS and school system...

    i am totally dumbfounded.... :blink:

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    New one on me Annabel!, will you post a news article if you see one?


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      I went off looking for something after I read Annabel's post

      Article from the Mirror - quoted below


      By Bob Roberts, Political Correspondent


      A HIRE your own beat bobby scheme will create two tier policing for rich and poor areas, it was claimed last night.

      Home Secretary David Blunkett wants streets, estates or villages to club together to pay for their own community support officer to patrol the streets. Householders would have to raise £10,000 to cover half the salary and the Government would provide the rest.

      A spokesman for Mr Blunkett said: "The rich can already pay for private security. We want to make it easier for people to raise a levy if they want to pay for a community support officer."

      But Mark Oaten, Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman, said: "Rich residents in affluent areas may well be able to afford £10,000 extra for a beat officer.

      "But it will create a two tier police service - where in rich areas police numbers and resources are greater than where people are worse off."

      He added: "This will do nothing for those living on our rundown estates where crime, drug taking and antisocial behaviour blights every hour of every day."

      More than 1,000 community support officers are employed across the country by councils, mainly for high visibility patrolling in city centres.

      They have the power to hand out spot fines for minor offences such as drunkenness and can hold someone for 30 minutes but do not have powers of arrest.

      The Police Federation said there was no evidence that community support officers had any "tangible effect on crime". A spokesman said: "We oppose the creation of an ill-equipped, ill-trained second layer of law enforcement."



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        So, that would mean that justice and the upholding of justice is there only for the people with money to pursue it. That sounds strangely familiar somehow.

        as does this

        The Police Federation said there was no evidence that community support officers had any "tangible effect on crime".

        No kidding eh!


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          The idea sounds like a complete waste of (more) money on a half-baked plan to me, just like the £3bn estimated to be spent on introducing ID cards :angry:


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            Good grief!!! How often have we heard 'the police wouldn't do anything'. So now they want us to pay for more police to do more 'nothing'!!! :rant:

            Stop wasting money on domes and bombs and give us better laws!!

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              One more step towards privatisation...

              I thought the police were meant to be doing all this anyway - why on earth should we be paying for them to do what they are supposed to be already doing? :wacko:


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                Hmmm...I think this sort of happens in some places already. I think I read that some Parishes in our area have paid an addition on their Council Tax to fund a beat bobby (or extra man hours) before.

                Nothing surprises me anymore.



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                  and without wanting to make a generalisation, its seems to be the poorer areas that need the police the most

                  whos going to pay?

                  I know from a lot of the council eastates here (not all but many) the people who live there are on benifits, single parents, people with disabilities etc, they are not going to ba able to raise funds to keep their areas safe.

                  a daft idea

                  we are turning into a mini america :rant:


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                    our council has NO 24 hour EH department, they do not even work weekends. Yet they CAN afford to pay for broadband feeds to the home of every councillor and for top of the range laptops for each councillor! So glad they get their priorities right. :unsure:


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                      That is very funny...if somewhat tragic

                      We also get put thru' to a control centre somewhere else in the county....and they need detailed geographical info from you if you call them - as they freely admit, they don't know the area!!



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                        "I note from earlier in this the thread the quote:

                        "The Police Federation said there was no evidence that community support officers had any "tangible effect on crime".

                        Pot calling the kettle black?