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  • Next meeting

    Are we having a Christmas meet?. If so were will it be, and will it be in the spirit of Christmas (fancy dress).


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    As Holly - Christmas Do Arranger is here, I'll let her answer. :P


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      At the meet in October (in Leeds) this question was raised.

      I have a date and location - which I wasn't going to reveal until December .

      I am acutely aware that the last meet was "ooop North" and didn't want things to always be ooop North, but because all the attendees that came to Leeds said they could come to something in this neck of the woods, it seemed to make sense to have something here (in Yorkshire) again.

      There is the April 2004 meet in Manchester .

      The July 2004 meet wherever you all vote for it to be held. (So - nudge - please vote in that Poll! )

      If you know that there are members living near you, you can arrange to meet yourselves!

      The next "Yorkshire" town for meet will be Huddersfield.

      Date: Saturday 17 January 2004.

      Still working on exact venue. Anyone wanting to come along can PM me for information in about a months time.

      Spirit of Christmas? If you want to do fancy dress that's fine by me , I shall probably be drinking them! :lol:


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        Thanks Holly

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          apologies in advance as we will not be able to attend the meeting in January

          its my mums big birthday and she is having a do!

          hope you all have a stonking time though! :lol: :cheers: