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  • ~* Dream *~

    One day, I'd love to leave London and move to a quiet countryside.

    (I can already here some members saying "what countryside! you wish. they are just as bad as..... :angry: ")

    OK, OK but I am allowed to dream on. And just may be... I might get it.

    Now question...

    I've seen cheap chalet or bungalow going from £24K in Cornwall.

    Do you think is it a bad move?

    No flashy luxury. All I want is a bit of peace and quiet and 1/2 bedroom place.


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    Hi Sky,

    Sounds v cheap. :thumbs:

    Do some homework first - go and see the place, you'll instinctively know when you get there how it feels.

    Then write a list of pro's and cons for making such a big move. Then weigh it all up.

    I did that before I moved well away from my roots. The only minus I had was being away from family - and what a big minus that was, but I still went for it because there were way more pros to moving. And that list still holds true, six years on!

    All I will say is that a totally different way of life is out there waiting, if you are able to go for it!

    Be happy whatever you decide.




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      Hi Sky

      Some friends of mine are thinking of moving, in a drastic fashion, to the Outer Hebrides. Before making this leap, one half (plus one other, for extra opinion) have gone on a reccy for a week, to get a "feel" for the place. Worth a go, just to get a handle on how different it might be?!



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        Thank you everyone for your advise.

        I am single so being near the family does not come into the question.

        And I have moved many time where I've been to live somewhere completely unfamiliar so this is not a problem for me either.

        I am simply fed up and just want to be on my owwwwn!

        Many years of living so close by other NFH worned me down.

        I attached my dream house for you to see.

        Doing the Pros & Con, visiting there for a week or few months sounds good :thumbs:

        But I was thinking of more of wanting to know what these environment is like?

        Chalet / holiday bungalow type, do they attract irresponsible thugs because of the nature of the place??? Ofter all, I don't want blaring party happening :blink:



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          Hi Sky

          The house is lovely, just what my children and I could do with

          Don't think much of the great big cloud though :hihi: :lol: :hihi:



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            Looks really quiet there!!

            Are you looking at buying a place on a holiday homwe kind of site - like a caravan park?

            Some are more lairy than others - the bigger it is and the more facilities it has, the more likely you'll be in contact with groups of loudmouth party animals!

            Some are very quiet indeed - just what you are after. The only way to know is to see it for yourself and stay for a while. Don't forget that off season, it's mighty quiet, will get louder during the summer.

            My grandparents live on a mobile home park - it's full of old dears - very quiet indeed!



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              I don't want to live in a mobile home park but chalet / bungalow...proper home for one!?

              Quiet is must.



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                We spend loads of time in Cornwall, it is gorgeous there and not far for us to travel. We are Devonians and even going over border into Cornwall, it's like another world. I also work down there a lot - am there Tuesday and wednesday so I get my work done quick time and then go to some favourite places!!

                You need to visit 1st and get a feel for the place. Newquay for example can be very rowdy, especially in the summer months. Same goes for St Austell, Truro and to a degree, Penzance. Having said that, things are usually far more generally laid back in Cornwall!!

                For the really peaceful scenario, go towards the Lizard peninsula or down beyond Penzance. In our opinion, two of the most perfct beaches you will ever come across are Kynance Cove and Porthcurno. Something quite magical about them, summer or winter.

                Sorry, becoming like a geography lesson. Like I said before, best to visit, even a few times, and then make a decision.

                Good luck.

                "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                  What a lovely home.

                  I don't even mind the cloud.

                  I would love to live there as long as the

                  shops and a doctor/dentist are not too far away.



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                    Hi sky

                    I used to spend my summers in a log cabin every year and that was great to live in.

                    If you were as isolated as the croft (?) in the picture, then I'd get:

                    - a couple of cows for milk, butter and cheese

                    - hens for eggs and a sunday roast every so often (apols to veggies :blush: )

                    - a field of tatties

                    (oh and a vinyard :wine: :lol: )

                    If you have a computer, you need to just check of one of the supermarkets deliver to where you are.

                    Sorted .


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                      You thought of everything, I only thought of food izza: and booze!

                      You could get NHS direct online though - but having said that, they never really give you an answer other than "Oooh, we think you'd better go to A&E/your Doctor".


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                        St Austell Ale and Cornish mead - knocks you out for days!! :P
                        "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                          I'll try and remember that top tip, thanks John :P


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                            no no. Thank you for your in depth explanation of places.

                            I much appreciated it


                            But, on a quiet winters night it might not be that much fun on your own.
                            I will be very happy with a cat or dog, sitting in front of a warm fireplace and having a cup of tea and a home baked cake!

                            That is Bliss to me.

                            And I can do without the shop blah blah etc just to get my peaceful life back.

                            To me that is worth sacrificing.

                            We've got friends who live in "outer" Scotland ~ supermarket once a month and what they don't get they don't have till next month!
                            Exactly. We've all become so accustomed to modern, handy life style. You know you can't pop out for a pint of milk so you will change and be more organised!

                            Now I want to know WHERE's this house now. Anyone know or recognise???



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                              Scotland IMO.

                              But that's a very big place... highlands of?