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Can my MP help?

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  • Can my MP help?


    I am at the stage of trying to get my local MP to get my HA to once and for all act against NFH where I live. The problems still continue year after year. I havent contacted my MP yet.

    I am fed up writing to my HO who quite frankly isn't doing anything.

    I read the site page:

    entitled what can your mp do? and I am wondering where my request for help would fit in?What exactly can an MP do in cases of 'NFH'. My situation is making me ill, I am disabled and fear this is making me even worse.

    Any hints, advice or suggestions would be appreciated.



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    Hi SC

    Yes, your MP can help. I have known cases which have had MP involvement and it has definitley helped the ''complainant's'' case.

    Your MP can at least get you some answers and possible remedies, although your MP cannot influence the Housing Association's policies.

    If you feel that you are being fobbed off, or told a load of tosh, get onto your MP asap. I am not certain about HA's procedures when a MP or Councillor makes an enquiry on behalf of a constituent, but I would imageine it would be very similar if not more stringent than a Council (although each organisation's procedures will vary slightly).

    For most Councils that I am familiar with, an MP's letter is normally scrutinised by at least three members of staff - normally the head of department, who send it to the relevant Area Manager, who then will supervise the response by a Housing Officer.

    They do need to be responded to within strict timescales. If it's likely to go over that timescale, a 'holding letter' will be sent quickly with a brief reason and idea of when a full reply will be given.

    An MP's letter cannot be ignored, believe me! It is most frowned upon and unprofessional to mislay, or ignore it.

    I expect that a Housing Association will act along these lines too.

    Once your MP gets a response, s/he will send you a letter back. If you are not happy with what the MP has commented on, don't be put off, you can still go back to the MP and they can continue looking into your situation.

    If your think your HA is not acting properly, complain to the Cheif Executive.

    You can also complain to the Housing Association's regulatory body - I will check it out for England and Wales (unless someone else here knows off the top of their head ) but in Scotland it's the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations .

    Hope this helps?

    Let us know how you get on




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      Hi SC

      i do think there's some mileage in this. No H.A. will wish to be under the attention of an M.P. They are a "social landlord", and should be taking steps to behave like one! Do write a written permission for the H.A. to discuss all aspects of your case with the MP, then there should be no hold-ups re Data Protection.

      Good luck!


      P.S. Regulatory body for H.A.'s is to be found here


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        Thanks Sapph - The Housing Corporation is the one for England and Wales


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          No official body likes to be noticed by an MP. You see, your letter or fax is (of course! ) the only one that you are aware of.

          But what if your MP has a whole file of letters complaining about how poor a HA is wth dealing with NFH?

          Your letter might be just what he needs. More ammunition to try to get the HA to sort out their act. Or to get someone else to sort it out for them.


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            Thanks to all you guys for your replies and sound advice. I am contemplating this avenue of action very shortly.

            Hazelnut,Neighboured,sapphirelily10,mazza and HadEnough

            Thankyou all



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              Glad you find us useful! :lol:

              Go for it, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain

              Let us know how it goes.