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NFH Poster No. 1

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  • NFH Poster No. 1

    Hi all,

    Just to let you know that the first NFH in Britain 'PR' poster is available to download and print/e-mail/use generally from the 'Publicity Tools' section on the main NFH website

    This first poster (MS Word file) is just a simple and to-the-point layout to distribute freely and for use within your local community (e.g. local CAB's, Local Authority offices, Police Station's, local churches, community notice-boards, local shops, etc, etc).

    If anyone would like to see anything in particular on a poster, please let me know.

    Even better, if anyone would like to design a poster (any format) for use on the main website in this 'Publicity Tools' section , please let me know - that would be very much appreciated!

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    Dear Matthew,

    Just had my first chance to look at the 'template' resources above.

    Good stuff............!I think such resources are a valuable starting point for empowering people who are having to face such problems for the first time and do not know where to begin.I realise how much effort has to go in to producing a template that is both specific AND general! so mucho thanks are due! -(I have a book about 'Microsoft Wood' that I really ought to read.At the moment I just go there to play with 'clippit'!!)

    The initial letter to neighbours has just the right balance of 'reasonableness' and concern.....often ,as you know ,it is a matter of finding a non-confrontational way of bringing these issues up for the first time and hoping that some resolution ensues.

    Unfortunately as we all know ,these 'reasonable' approaches sometimes fail since it isn't always clear to these people that if the issues aren't addressed, there is action that the complainee can take that is supported by law.

    The attitude that '........the 'bloke next door is complaining....he has no RIGHT to tell us how to behave.....just ignore it..'

    is a prevelent one and something that could be scotched early on with a follow-up letter outlining the rights and expectations of the complainee...that is ..assuming an initial letter does not have ANY positive outcome.I think this is where we could chip in with our 3ha'pence worth to help you!

    I know I have seen some snippets of legislation around on local HA and council websites-most seem to have some kind of policy statement regarding the 'expectation' of acceptable behaviour for both private owners and tenants 'on their patch', but I am not yet sufficiently up to speed to draw it all together but will give it some thought over the next couple of weeks.

    What thinkst thou?



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      well done matthew, its nice to see it come together like this

      lots of good information

      the horsefans

      "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

      apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

      Posh Noodle - NOT for the likes of YOU!!


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        A great idea Flo and thankyou for your feedback - the resources section still needs much work done to it - we've now got the templates, for the templates so to speak so need to work on those building blocks, etc.

        Yes, sadly, reasonable doesn't always work Good points there in you post - and we could add 'follow-up' template letters (getting more direct about possible consequences for NFH) so people can progressively use more and more legislative based approach letters (using your idea).

        Any help you can give with it, would be very much appreciated Thanks.