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Is there a way that you

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  • Is there a way that you

    What? You say your NFH is always ugly?

    But seriously, is there a sign that they are going to act badly or start acting worse?

    Do they whistle? Sing? start to do a certain job?

    With our one NFH she starts to act really nicely, so we know we are in for some more childish behaviour.

    The other will commence more dodgy DIY as a prelude to acting badly.

    What do yours do?

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    ours used to be quite, and be seen doing things together, then we knew we were in for a rough time!

    if the poor dog ever got taken for a walk for example we knew we would have to pay for it


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      As soon as their car's put away in the garage or if their mower comes out - the cretins :angry:

      If I am unfortunate enough to be going to my car or garage, then the muttering and the dirty looks start :badmood:

      Then, it used to be followed by a stroppy solicitor's letter - but not any more after a visit from the local plod :lol:



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        I could tell that things were going to get stressed and noisy with my last NFH when they would arrive home and I could hear them shouting 'yehaaa' and whooping loudly. The music would be on soon. Another one would be arriving home, slamming the front door and running up and down the stairs.


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          She ties her hair back in a very tight pony tale and talks extremely loudly - when this happens, alarm bells sound for us... :angry:
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