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  • NFH poetry

    Forced from your home.

    Some see a house as bricks and mortar

    Others as a home

    A place of memories, of childhood,

    Of pets and shared happiness and losses too.

    To have your home, your safe haven, your sanctuary,

    Turned into a war zone by an outsider,

    A neighbour from hell,

    And to be driven out of your home eventually,

    To a home that is someone elses memories,

    Someone elses garden,

    A small garden that you find unappealling,

    Planted by someone who wanted minimal gardening,

    A house move made in haste,

    To save you and your family

    From stalking and harassment

    To save lives

    The police wouldn't help.

    Untold damage to one young soul,

    targeted from an early age,

    shakes the faith in authorities and justice

    What justice?

    That leaves a young girl crying

    For her lost home

    And a grandmother falls

    disorientated by the move

    from her home

    Still, we are meant to rejoice

    to have escaped.

    In a man's world, where money rules,

    A costly move in terms of money.

    In anybody's terms,

    A costly move to our past memories and our souls.

    Some old women quoted in the paper last year

    In their 90's said they wouldn't move

    Protesting new land tax legislation

    They loved their gardens and their

    Property values had gone up

    This wasn't their fault

    The legislation was dropped.

    They said where would they go?

    Their lives were in their homes and

    gardens where they had lived all

    their lives.

    I lost my home, my garden, my memories, my pet's graves.

    The police said move.

    The authorities said move.

    Off the record people said get the bully beaten up.

    What good would this have achieved but to drag

    us down to his level?

    Justice? there is little justice,

    Especially for the vulnerable.

    It really does come down to self determination

    And might equals right.


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    the noise invades your skull,

    burrowing as deep as a beetle

    needing to open your brain

    to stop the eternal thudding head pain

    wanting it to stop, willing it to end

    even in the peace of the day

    you know that at night they will be back to play.

    I wish they would go away

    God how I prayed


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      Very good

      I'd like to make a page/section for these on the main site - but I would need people's permission to publish them first.

      Are these original poems too (guessing they are)? Let me know if you think it's a good/bad idea


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        Hi Matthew,

        I used to write quite a lot of poetry before NFH arrived.

        Poetry is such a free expression of ideas.

        I am no expert but poetry can be prose, flowing ideas,

        rhyming poetry, japanese

        style ( I forget the spelling but it could be haiku or something

        similar where so many words and sentences are used

        cleverly in short poems). These days, poems allow free

        styling and free form of expression. Poems allow a freedom

        that other forms of writing don't allow. Poems can also be positive

        (a happy ending and a look back at a lucky escape in the case

        of some NFH stories). There is never ending way to express

        oneself and there are also peaceful poems to bring comfort.

        I believe a poetry section (if you have room on the site)

        would be a wonderful way to let people express how they feel.

        Even some creative writing such as quotes from

        Yoda and such from Star Wars have poetic and creative merit.

        I saw a poet on TV recently (a feminist poet) and her poetry

        moved me so much I wanted to write again. Poetry is catching.



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          Nice to have a creative outlet for how people feel emotionally about their esperiences....thanks for sharing those thought with everyone!!


          N.B. NFHiB poetry/prose book out soon?


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            thats another good poem SP!

            I think its good to get your feelings on paper....or on the screen!

            and a lot of us can relate to that one too


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              :thumbs: :thumbs:

              Good work SP!!