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    Been using homeswap looking for properties.

    Out of 5 I tried contacting, 3 BT no's were not recognised and 1 mobile no was answered by someone who had nothing to do with property.

    I emailed homeswap to ask where do I report wrong no.s etc to and was told it wasn't policy to update anything unless the person who's details are wrong ask them to. Ok, so they supposedly send out a letter every 6 months asking whether you want to be on the homeswap scheme and if you don't reply they automatically delete you. But it doesn't appear to be working too well.

    Oh well. Think I'll rely more on Loot atm. I've not given up on homeswap completely though. It just needs a rethink imo.

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    Hi Paul!

    blimey what a palaver you are having to go through!!

    you are certainly looking at all options and I think you are doing ok at sticking at it!!

    How annoying is it when you get un recognised numbers and stuff!

    I remember when we were looking at houses many years ago we turned up at one and the people did not know the house was for sale as they were renting, they thought it might be but we confirmed it by turning up

    I really felt for them, and they had a little baby.

    lifes full of surprises!!

    it sounds like home swap need to get their brains in gear and update their systems!!! :banghead:


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      Hi PJ,

      Flippin' eck, You'd have thought that in this day and age of technology that they would have got their act together by now. :blink:

      I thought that now they are on the Net, they would be much more up to speed! (wrong!)

      That scheme is notorious for using out of date info simply because people on it are obviously wanting to move and frequently do! They aren't interested in contacting HOMES when they move - who would be?

      That's shameful though, they really need to sort themselves out. :sad:

      Having said that, you just have to be lucky sometimes - it can work, honestly, I have known people who have successfully exchanged using the scheme

      I still advise people in social tenancies to register as it is another option covered - just in case.




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        Hi Paul

        Sounds a bit of a shambles , and reminds me a bit of the following experience.....

        Having registered with a certain City Council's supposed "first come, first served" scheme for council housing on someone's behalf, I spent a frustrating three months applying early on the days they posted new properties(twice a week!), to never, ever get a reply, and on phoning about some properties found details were often incorrect! Rather than the promised "first come, first served" notion, they also seemed to be screening applicants, rather than allocating to the first person applying that met the criteria. Afraid to say, we gave up...absolutely beaten!

        Grrr! Surely web-sites could do what their function is supposed to be, and the sites should be maintained more regularly! :blink:

        Good luck in your continued search, and 10 out of 10 for perseverance!



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          I use to search for houses, but nothing beats going to the area you want to move to and seeing the estate agents - mind you, then you find out you can't afford anything in the area that you want ! ho hum

          I had considered one of these new build offers where they buy your house in part exchange for the new one .. only problem is our house would be worth more than the one we would buy ... I have a feeling that they wouldn't be paying us money to move into a brand new house !

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