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I Am Very Grateful For The Boards

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  • I Am Very Grateful For The Boards

    This board has filled a need for me. Finding a "community of interest" to coin a phrase (first used by Douglas Hurd in a totally different context) has certainly helped a great deal and it is nice to be able to pass on hints and advice and to give -and receive- comfort. Because it comes from people who have been there and know what fellower board users are going through.

    Being a moderator is sometimes a thankless task. I know. I did a stint of five or six years on a "tough" board, so I know of which I talk!

    You are either far too soft or a censoring no-good!

    The moderators here are very, very good.

    And the board software is great! Absolutely wonderful! We had to use some dreadful old board software that kept breaking down. Someone "helped" by writing new bits for it, but often they'd crash the whole bloomin' board and it was a nightmare taking his (ahem!) improvements off whilst trying to get it running again!

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    Ahhh thanks!!

    its nice to know that we are appriacated! :blush:

    I hope that we will continue to be of help to you and many others!!


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      Gee! But I wish I could type better! I keep doing anagrams! All the right letters, but not always in the right order! :lol:

      Um, could we have a spell checker? Please?

      I think my problem is that in order to get stuff done in time (ie "I need 250 words on any subject in five minutes") I have increased my speed (with one finger, sometimes two!) but not my accuracy... B)


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        Originally posted by Neighboured@Aug 27 2003, 8:35 PM

        Um, could we have a spell checker? Please?
        Hi NB,

        Thanks for that, it's nice to get some positive feedback :blush:

        It is a hard task sometimes, but the enjoyable bits far outweigh that!

        Agreed, the board software is great and nicely customised to us (add ons, skins, etc).

        Funny enough I have got a spell checker add on which hopefully I may be able to get on soon


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          Oh, thank you, thank you! A spell checker? Hurrah! :wow:


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            LOL! :lol:

            I'll see if the Spell-Checker will work for us......