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    I moved into a house over a year ago and right away came into conflict with my neighbour. He's a young(ish) guy who likes his music. The speakers which are tall enough to be visible from outside are high quality and coupled with pretty poor soundproofing, it has been a major negative. The house is wooden framed which is relatively new in Ireland. He claims that his contributes to the sound. I contacted the builders and they said the house complies with all sound proofing regulations blah, blah.

    I did get him to reduce the music but frankly it is still too audible. Sometimes when I come home the music is blasting out. He may turn it down if he realises I've come in but this is like some sword of damocles hovering above you, particularly if you're bringing people home etc. In comparison to the more extreme cases this is more like a rather unpleasant, incosiderate neighbour but I am sick of it at this stage and it has completely reduced the pleasure of owning my own place. If I knock he will turn the music down but won't answer the door, acts ignorant etc. I also think I've adapted my behaviour to the situation. I'll walk to the shop instead of driving because of the risk of appearing to go out and music blasting etc. I tried the softly, softly approach and I know he reckons he's comprimised but he just lacks basic consideration in my book. I have friends in the law and am tempted to try a solicitor's letter. It's a risk though and I know that after that it will be very hard to ever deal with him in person since he can get quite aggressive. I also know that he's told people that I'm the problem -too uptight, noise sensitive etc. Anyway any advice would be welcome though I suppose even sharing my frustration is enough. A couple of questions: how often is too much for loud music when keeping the log? I've kept some dates but when its only once a week at the end of 2 months it looks kind of paltry (Also I am gone a lot at weekends). It is more the fact that he has a certain control over my environment and therefore my state of mind which is so aggravating. I heard a report on rte radio about sound proofing, putting in stud partition walls etc which in comparison to moving sounded like good value etc. Do these work really? As I say any assistance.....thanks

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    Originally posted by noise@Aug 22 2003, 11:59 AM

    this is like some sword of damocles hovering above you ... I am sick of it at this stage and it has completely reduced the pleasure of owning my own place.... (he) acts ignorant etc. I also think I've adapted my behaviour to the situation. ....he just lacks basic consideration in my book. ...It is more the fact that he has a certain control over my environment and therefore my state of mind which is so aggravating.
    Hi Noise and welcome to the Forum

    So sorry to hear about your present situaiton.

    I've quoted parts of you post and how true all those things are that you've said. I think the problem with noise nuisance is that you don't have any control, you've no idea when it's going to start or stop, whether the volume's going to go up or down. It's often been said on the Forum that it's like a form of torture and can really frustrate you by it's dripping tap affect.

    I need to check some things out about the noise nuisance legislation in Ireland, but if it's the same as in Britain, then for noise to be a statutory nuisance it needs to be unreasonably high and regular. This is a bugbear of mine - if you are expecting noise to occur, you can prepare for it, it's the very fact it's irregular that makes it more of a nuisance IMO. I think in your case though you could argue it is regular - you say it happens weekly. I'd say that's pretty regular. I don't think it's reasonable to play loud music every week. I wouldn't do it, but then I'm reasonable and would turn it down if asked.

    I'll try to find out some more information for you and post again when I've got it.

    Keep logging everything in the meantime


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      Welcome Noise to the forum

      Just to add to what Holly has said, we are still developing and adding resources to the NFH in Ireland site, but do have a Noise Sheet here:

      Hope that helps - you'll find loads of help, support and understanding on the boards



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        welcome to you noise,

        shame you had to find us as it means you have selfish neighbours

        hope you find the advice useful here, please come and have a rant if you ever need to.

        record all the noise and if you need to then go to your town hall to lodge a complaint, its not acceptable to have to listen to noise that isnt yours, it really intrudes into your life. :badmood:

        we had a very noisey neighbour and would often make us feel physically sick.

        good luck and please come back often


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          Welcome to the forums

          It does help, you know, talking about it here. Venting the ould spleen. You're not alone (I know it feels like it sometimes, but you're not).

          I've just managed to get rid of my noisy neighbour, so just know that it CAN happen.

          How often is too often? That's a difficult question, but (as far as I am concerned) it doesn't really matter how often it happens if the end result is that you are living in torture ALL THE TIME.

          That's what these people don't seem to understand. It's not just the noise, it's the anticipation of the noise that is also a major part of the problem. We should all be free to enjoy our homes without that horrible, leaden feeling, that terrible 'Oh, when is that mononeuron going to start up again?'.

          Keep the log (as you have been doing), and also (maybe) a diary of how it's affecting you. I don't know how useful that would be, IANAL, but it might go to show that it is affecting your quality of life. Maybe wiser, more experienced heads on the board might be able to indicate whether it is worth it.

          Do you both own or rent the accommodation, ie., is there a landlord in the picture?

          Keep your chin up




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            Oh, I like it! Doesn't that just describe them all to a T?


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              Hi Noise, and welcome to the Forum

              But so sorry you needed to seek it!

              So sorry you are experiencing this disturbance.....haven't much to add at this point, except that I know you will get support here. LOG EVERYTHING! (level of noise, duration, frquency, etc. ), and maybe record with dictaphone?

              Good luck, and please re-visit to let us know how things are going




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                Hope things get better soon for you, there is plenty of good advice, and as people have said, sometimes all you need is to let off steam occasionally to people who understand and won't judge you.

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