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The Fall Of Civilisation

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  • The Fall Of Civilisation


    Feels good to be here. Glad I found this.

    Not feeling great at the moment, writing's going to be a bit off and disjointed.

    What I don't get is what this guy is thinking. What's his problem? I'm quiet, respectful, considerate, and it doesn't take too much effort. All I'm asking for is a bit of peace and quiet, but I'm not getting any.

    I've been asleep on a couple of occasions, and the nfh comes home at 3-4 in the morning and BLASTS his stereo. {{WHAM}} I've been shocked awake with my heart frozen. A flash of cold sweat and my stomach knots up. Happened last night again. I'm at my wits end.

    I'm lying there listening to the lub-lub-lub-lub from directly over my bedroom, and failed to get back to sleep [Surprise!].

    And then the (now alan, be polite) ..... nfh GOES TO BED! With the music STILL ON!


    This guy, as far as I am concerned, is pond SC*M. He represents, as far as I can see, all that is WRONG with certain people these days. (Jeez, I'm only 35, and I sound like my grandad). The depth and width of my loathing for this .... thing .... cannot be plumbed. (I'm shaking with rage as I type this). He is the modern incarnation of the vandal hordes that sacked, pillaged, raped and burned civilisation, all that is foul-mouthed, ugly, inconsiderate and venal.

    His latest trick last weekend was to play one song over and over and over and over again .... for 14 hours straight.

    My landlady has been away, and out of contact for a while. She's due back this weekend, and I'm going to continue to ask her to get rid of him. She's scared of him, I think. Him and his friends.

    I'm too b..... polite. I was raised well. Sometimes I think it is a handicap. I'm a big fella, but I'm proud to say I've only ever been in 1 fight, and that was when I was 8, so I don't think it counts.


    I'm getting back to work.


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    Hi Alan,

    you are not alone is the first thing I have to say to you, I know that tummy in knots feeling all to well, and have physically vomited when it got bad.

    you can ask why....I wish we knew, they seem to be raised a different way from us, the victims.

    so have you done anything?

    the law in Eire is slightly different from the Uk but the same principle. the link below might be able to help you a little

    Eire noise

    first thing is to talk to him, can you do that? or is it too difficult, we understand if you cant.

    print off a noise log from the main site and start writting down the times and what sort of noise,


    you need to go to the district council I believe to say you want to make a complaint, you need to do this 7 days before you go to make the complaint at the local court.

    really it would be better for both parties if you could speak to the landlady before you take it that far

    good luck and please let us know how it goes

    you can come here any time you want to rant and let off steam, we have a specail ranters corner for that!!

    hope to see you again soon with better news


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      Hi Alan and welcome to the Forum

      Nice to have you with us, but sad that you've got noisy neighbour above you.

      I really don't knwo why they behave the way they do, but it is torture. :angry: You can never seem to get any peace or rest when you're living next to someone noisy. You just never know when it's going to stop or start, so even when it's quiet you're always wondering when it's going to start up again. :angry:

      You really have my sympathies.

      Beth has already given you all the useful links, I hope that they help you.

      I would just echo what Beth has said: try and speak to your landlady and please come back here often.


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        Hi Alan and welcome to the forum

        Sorry you have to be here though, it means you're suffering from NFH

        The idiot above you sounds like a complete and utter selfish pig!! (I apologise to our porcine friends)

        Beth has given you some advice, so all I can do is wish you luck and hope your torment ends sooner rather than later.

        Good luck

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          Hi Alan

          I am so sorry that you are suffering from this selfish behaviour.....the accompanying physical feelings of dread/fear/loathing are enough to stop anyone sleeping/thinking properly :badmood:

          I hope the links that Beth has given you may give you some useful information on ways to deal with the situation! Come back and let us know how things are going, and feel free to vent how you are feeling



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            sorry to hear this ghoul is giving u grief alan. check out if your county/city authority has a environment/noise nuisance dept..

            best way is to get the landlady to serve him notice...........

            if your landlady is worried about serving him notice, she just has to tell him the property is under offer and the new buyer wants vacant possession.

            and then if he challenges her later - she can claim the sale fell through (structural problems).. seems plausible and would prevent any come back.

            if he wants to know why u are not moving at the same time- she can claim your 'older' tenancy agreements requires a longer notice u will be moving out two weeks later.

            i'm sure she would rather loose him than loose u???

            best to make him some one elses problem than tackle him direct.

            and why risk a criminal record or a huge compensation claim from this pondlife???

            sounds like a thug?


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              Thanks for the support, guys. As you know, it means a lot.

              I've got to go home now. Maybe that's why I feel sick as a parrot. You've all felt that, right? :unsure:

              It's incredible that we live in homes where we dread returning every day. Your home is supposed to be a haven, a retreat from the outside world.

              Not flippin' purgatory! :banghead:

              Ah well. I'm just going to have to stop being so chronically polite. :geek: When my landlady gets back, we're going to have a long chat. The worst thing is that my landlady is actually a very nice person. She's just not up to dealing with the barbarian upstairs.

              I can't imagine what goes through his tiny little insect neuron. How would he like it if someone was treating a member of his family in this outrageous way?

              I dunno. I'm seriously thinking of going on local radio to try and raise awareness of this whole issue, not just mine. I'll need to be anonymous, and I'll need to refrain from mentioning personal details. Has anyone done this at all? Any advice?

              Actually, I'm kinda thinking I'll wait until he's gone. Long gone. Before I try.

              See? This site is working. Already I'm planning for when this nightmare is over!




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                Alan....if you look back in the media folder you will find some irish radio stations who do talk shows, it was back in May and at the time we couldnt help them.

                take a look and email them if you want!

                if you get on to a show let us know, we will all be rooting for you, even more if you mention us!! :lol:

                and with radio shows you dont have to give your real name!

                as for going home I know what you mean, my manager suggested I went off sick because of the stress but as I pointed out to her.....if I am off sick where will I be...

                oh home where the problem is!!

                you do have support here and we are good listeners!


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                  Alan the spirit, planning for when it's all over!!

                  I know it may not be a swift thing, but, my God, will the wait be worth it when you get your victory

                  Take care



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                    good man alan, don't let the b*ggers wear u down. in the mean time............

                    put on your music, open the windows, get your mates round and do all you can to enjoy your home. go to the gym, movies , swim and do all you can to maintain some balance and equilibrium in your life. this guy probably doesn't even realise how 'anti-social' he is being, as he is either too fluthered or bongoed on gear to appreciate how horrendous the noise is.

                    if u are due any holiday, get away for a few days and get some kip - hard at first, but u return to normal sleeping patterns suprisingly quickly.

                    also invest in some wax earplugs, they don't block out all the noise but they do take the 'top end' off, enough to help u sleep.

                    if u can bear having the radio on low as well this 'friendly' noise mightmuffle the troll hoppin around upstairs............

                    best of luckxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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                      Hi Alan

                      Haven't seen you around on the board for a few days...hope all is ok, and that you are getting some peace 'n' quiet



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                        I think the doofus upstairs just made a big mistake. Actually, I'm pretty damn sure.

                        It was not a great experience for me on several levels, but I have to look on the bright side. And it is pretty bright....

                        Ok, last Saturday the sky fell in. Absolute MADNESS. Screaming, shouting, running up and down the stairs, music, the works. Utterly Unbelievable. When I rang to ask him to shut it all down, he told me to .... off. :angry: :blink:


                        So I think to myself, OK, that's it. I've had enough. I'm going to call my landlady tomorrow, and read her the riot act.

                        This is unfortunate, as my landlady is an extremely pleasant person, and I don't like causing a fuss.

                        Anyway, I get on the phone to her, and the fit hits the shan. As I start talking to her I can tell something is very wrong. She starts crying on the phone and tells me her newborn baby is in hospital with breathing difficulties. She checked on him at about 3am and he was having problems, so into the hospital. This, naturally enough, freaks me out completely. Not to mention leaving me feel like a complete s**theel. She says she'll talk to the mononeuron, and get back to me.

                        We then hang up.

                        I burst into tears. :cry: I kid you not, the shock hit like a hammer. I felt Absolutely Disgusted. About 3 inches tall. Words cannot express my contempt for this animal. How dare he put me in such a situation? I'm a considerate, kind, well-raised gentleman. My mother raised me right. My avatar is NOT random.

                        Sorry, getting a bit emotional there.

                        Anyway, she calls me back about 10 minutes later. All I'll talk about at the start of that call is her son -> he's in trouble, but they're hopeful. She also tells me that she has given a final warning to the animal, and explained to him about her son. She tells me to call her if there is a problem.

                        Hang up on that one, and shake for a bit. :cry:



                        Guess what happened last night? Go on, you'll never guess.

                        Wait. You guessed.

                        Can you imagine it? I cannot think straight at the moment. I swear, if I thought I had a cordial dislike of this piece of filth when I made my first post, or even when I started having problems with him, the sheer depth, width and breadth of my anger and disgust now is completely insane.

                        Our landladys' son is in HOSPITAL! Seriously ILL! The mother is traumatised and unable to COPE!

                        [directed to animal]

                        What the hell kind of low, slimy trash are you? Are you human? Some form of miraculously animated cr*p pile? Do you have any human sensibilities at all?


                        Sounds of screaming frustration and walls being punched. :crazy:



                        It literally took me 3 hours to gather up the courage to phone the landlady.

                        This is the good bit.

                        Her son is out of danger. She is extremely relieved [duh], and hopping mad. I mean, she is really spoiling for a fight. She was almost elemental in her anger. I was impressed. I could almost feel the sparks coming down the phone.

                        The upshot is, animal is GONE! Out! Ended! He is an ex-neighbour. He has shuffled off to torment some other poor soul. She came down and kicked him out. Simple as that.

                        "You. Out. Now." :blow:

                        Well, she did give him until Friday. I've taken onthemoves advice, and taken a few days off. I'm heading about 60 miles away to stay with me mum, and get some SLEEEEP!

                        He's GOOOOONEEEE! :P

                        My god, I never thought it would end. It's mental.


                        What's actually kinda frustrating is that I only found this board a few days ago. I would really have liked to have known about this earlier, it would have helped.

                        I couldn't find the media folder Beth referred to, at least the Irish one has just Useful info, and if I do a search on the main one for Ireland, or Irish towns/cities, nothing comes up.

                        I'll keep an eye out, and I'll probably email my local radio station, see if they are interested.

                        Thanks for the help, guys!


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                          oh my god Alan!!

                          I feel awful for you .......then as I read on I felt a whole lot better for you.

                          wow, what a weekend you had!!! :lol:

                          talk about ups and downs!!

                          Irish radio

                          this link is one of the radio stations that was asking for Irish members, give it a try if you want, nothing ventured nothing gained.

                          you will always be welcome here, NFH or not!

                          hope it stays quiet for you and please pass on our wishes to your LL and son


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                            Well, what an emotional post - you've certainly been through it these past few days.

                            I'm pleased for your landlady (and her son) and mostly for you. Hopefully your landlady will be more careful when renting next time .

                            Hope you manage to get lot's of sleep and rest at your mum's.

                            Please don't forget us here - post to let us know how you're getting on, and to share your experience with other members.

                            Take lots of care.

                            And well done.



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                              Hey choked for you, and delighted for you all at once.....what a roller-coaster!!! Glad all is well for your landlady as well!

                              I really hope you get chance to relax at your mum's, and don't expect all these feelings will suddenly evaporate, but hey! it's over :nfh1:

                              The victory came quicker than I imagined.....but it's sweet, eh?

                              Enjoy yourself.