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How To Fax Your Mp

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  • How To Fax Your Mp

    All you need do is to go to this website then type in your postcode in the box on the screen.

    It will tell you who your MP is and it will set up a fax template for you. You type your fax message inthis and email it to your MP. They will email back to confirm that it is your fax, when you click confirm in your email, your fax is transmitted to your MP. :wow: This is a cool service which I have used several times.

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    Cool thanks Neighboured, I am going to do just that now

    Can I still do it if I didn't vote though :unsure:


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      they have no idea if you voted or not!

      you can let them think you did though, or let them think you are going to vote for them next time!


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        Oooo ok, thanks Beth I wondered if MP's would know if you voted for them or not

        I am going to contact my MP asap


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          It doesn't matter if you voted or not.

          However in my opinion (not scientific, I could be wrong!) the only people who should not vote or peers, lunatics or foreigners.

          Butit doesn't matter as your MP is your MP, any way.