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  • Nfh Lookalike

    Hi All,

    Just a thought for you all to ponder. Who does your nfh look most like?

    Our nfh looks spookily like the infamous - innocent until guilty - Ian Huntley (remember Soham)

    Can anyone out there do better?

    Peace :angel:

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    Mine looks just like Dot (Cotton) Branning from Eastenders...Fag and all :smoke: She sounds like a foghorn and struts around like she owns the place :lol: (little does she know :hihi: )

    Tri :lol:


    • #3
      Mine looks like a cats bottom with a loo brush stuck on the top. :lol:


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        I am censored - but might come back later!


        • #5
          This is a really good laugh :lol:

          Maybe it should be in the 'Happy Zone', I'm certainly having a giggle at these :lol: :lol:

          Tri :lol:


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            What a scary combination April


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              Mine look like the hillbillies from the film Deliverence!!


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                I went into a bakery at lunchtime and they had a "Gingerbread Person" in the window, sadly it's head had dropped off and it's eyes looked a bit like this :wacko:.

                Now, I know who I'd like to look like that.

                :devil: :P


                • #9
                  My ex-NFH looked like Eminem with a lobotomy and half the charm! He tried to rap but he was.......


                  • #10
                    I think my male NFH looks like Mr Blobby. with this hot weather he even looks quite pink like him as well. :lol:

                    the female one is like a witch out of Macbeth with blonde streaks and loads of eye make up, the female KFH looks like anna nicole smith in miniature form and the boy KFH is hermann munster's son (cant remember his name).

                    the NFH's mum looks like the Pi*ey on that game someone posted a link to., sorry i cannot describe her any other way! :badmood:

                    they all have voices like foghorns, and the social graces and mannerisms of a group of baboons (the ones with the red botties).

                    :hihi: :hihi:

                    :P :P

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                    • #11
                      eddie munster!!

                      the cartoon on that game.....well lets just say I wouldnt want to meet any of them on a dark night!!


                      • #12
                        My neighbour and his unfortunate wife are ringers for Popeye and Olive and just as comical



                        • #13
                          Yeah. Mine looks just like Dot Cotton. Oh... but our neighbour is a man


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                            Maybe Norma Bates has a twin brother :hihi: :hihi: :hihi:

                            Tri :lol:


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                              :P Hi All, thanks for your replies. I have had such a good laugh. laughter is the best medicine, Thanks, Margaret :angel: :nfh1: