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    So after much thought I've decided to try and find another exchange. I've put ads in Loot and a few other property sites.

    Had one call just now. 1bed on a large estate in west London. I currently live on a street in west Kensington. Quite a difference. Of course her place could be quiet as hell but I'm not sure. Won't find out till I see it.

    Anyone here lived on or near the White City estate in west London?


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    Hi PJHilder

    I'm not sure but I think that estate is quite notorious!!!



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      Hi PJ

      Can't comment on the area, but have found the Borough's Strategy if you haven't seen it yet:


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        I got a weird 'security' message when I tried to view that site. Not being very computer literate I didn't know what it meant so I didn't see the site.

        However if it's anything like the site our local HA has up, they'll have Baghdad Bob writing for them :P Anybody viewing our HA site would think they were reading about a semi-rural paradise. I hope nobody get's fooled

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          I tried it the security message. Says that there is something wrong with the site certificate.



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            I just clicked that I trusted the site - looked fine once I got there!


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              Major housing improvements

              1. White City Estate W12 2065 homes A £30m refurbishment for completion in 2001, including repairs, controlled entrances and environmental improvements.

              Hmm. Looks promising I suppose.

              Anyways, I'm going to visit it on Sat afternoon. Her mum is the one dealing with it. She says her daughter doesn't actually live there so the place is empty. Empty because of problems? Hopefully seeing it on a Sat will catch any noise from above and problems with kids etc.

              It's on the edge of the estate on the north side so it might no be as bad as other parts.

              It's also not top floor which I would prefer.

              Probably a 'no' then. But I can still go and check.



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                dont forget to check the area out at different times of the day and night as well! and different days

                at a weekend my neighbour hood is a completely different place due to all the night clubs in the valley, noise and bad kareoke!!


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                  As it is a SRB area, it's worth finding out more about what is likely to happen to your particular block, should you decide to move there.

                  What's a SRB area? :blink:

                  There is a website for mutual exchanges, you can register and then add your details, and also have a look to see if there is anything which interests you. If you haven't been there already, it's at

                  I've used them before about 1-2yrs ago. I've just re-registered online so I'll see what comes up.



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                    The SRB I know is the Single Regeneration Budget, I presume that's what janee's referring to.

                    SRB = big pot of money to regenerate a deprived area.



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                      Single Regeneration Budget means big bucks to spend in an large areas of council housing, with social problems such as high unemployment, poor skills, poor educational qualifications, a large number of people dependent on income support and so on.

                      It usually means that large sums of money are spent on improving the housing stock, which is generally in a poor state of repair - usually in need of modernisation, and the estates tend to be large and not popular areas to live in.

                      Ah. Ok.

                      I think the estate had part of 30million spent on it quite recently, 2001 I think. Door entry systems etc.

                      I'm going to look at the flat Sat PM. She said it's on the edge near the main road so might be out of the thick of it.

                      I noticed there's a few going for sale on so I don't think the estate is a bad as others. The layout probably helps as you said.

                      I'll let you know what I think when I get back. I'll take my digicam with me to take some pics.



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                        I know many areas as Ive worked throughout London. Its only my opinion but I would stay well clear of that estate. Someone in your replies mentions 'Notting Hill' HA and I agree. Try to get nominated to a HA they tend to be better, however with the way funding has gone they have started to go the same way.

                        Stay clear of White City Estate!!!!!.... please



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                          I also heard that White City was verrrry dodgy - although that was a few years ago. Even with bucketloads of money thrown at it, it doesn't necessarily change it for the better.

                          Be very cautious!! West Ken would always be more desirable compared to White City, even with new fancy modernisation programmes etc.

                          Good luck



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                            Originally posted by janee@Aug 17 2003, 6:32 PM

                            Scumchaser, it's far better coming from you as you know the estate. I had a friend who used to work at the BBC in White City, and there were a lot of staff getting mugged whilst walking down the road to Shepherds Bush (Wood Lane?), so the BBC had to put on a staff bus. Bad reputation for cars being broken into around there, too.

                            I also knew someone who had a flat with Notting Hill Housing Trust. She got it through a mutual exchange. It was a fantastic flat, in a converted terrace house, it was the "garden flat" and it had it's own front door - so nice and private, to her liking. The Notting Hill Housing Trust maintained the property really well. So she was really, really lucky. The neighbours were OK, too. She was completely free from all those "communal" type problems you find on estates.

                            If you've got a street property or low rise flat in West Kensington, then that is a very worthwhile asset - excluding your NFH, of course

                            I would imagine you could hold out a a bit longer, I'm sure you'd stand a good chance of getting something better than the White City Estate, because you've got a flat in a desireable area.

                            On the other hand, if you were to move to White City Estate, and you have problems there - antisocial behaviour, noise nuisance, people dumping their rubbish everywhere - and you find you can't stand it, you'll have a much harder job of finding somewhere else to move to

                            I'd be interested in finding out how you got on when you went to see it.

                            Thanks for all the suggestions.

                            I've decided not to bother with it. Other problems with it were due to the fact it was miles from any supermarkets/laundrettes etc.

                            So Notting Hill HA are good?

                            The last two HAs I've had were to put it mildly cr*p. The one I'm with now don't have any plans to add soundproofing at all. Not even in the future. I was told recently that I might be getting a new kitchen. That's not happened, the guy came out to check the current one and said it's unlikely you'll get a new one.

                            Is it me or are some landlords plainly useless. A friend of mine is getting her 3/4 bed place upgraded even with new fridge, cooker etc even though it doesn't really need doing. Her HA had some money they needed to spend.

                            I recently got the review of my HA from whoever it is that checks up on them. It's major fault was that it had no forward planning (too right). Everything they do is on an ad hoc basis. Hell my place hasn't even got a tv aerial and that's taking bl**dy ages to sort out. :angry:

                            The Salvation Army HA were way better than this.

                            Oh well. Guess i'm just a tad annoyed.


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                              Good luck with whatever you decide to do :clover: :clover: :clover: