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Insurance Renewals?

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  • Insurance Renewals?

    I've read about some horrible experiences on this Forum, and seen advice for members about checking Buildings and Contents Insurance (to see whether you have legal cover).

    I have now renewed my Insurance and taken on the optional extra of Legal Services Cover, this will cost less than £18.00 per year and from what some members have said, is going to be well worth it.

    Should I ever need it.

    Thanks to those who raised this as an issue.

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    after the problems i have experienced in my present home, when i move to the new one, i will definitely take out legal expenses cover. once bitten twice shy! i am taking absolutely no chances

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      The firm I've gone with also provide a "Desk Top Lawyer", I've just been on to it and they provide you with lots of templates, information and have over 100 legal documents.

      It's quite good actually .


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        Very wise move Holly.

        It cost me only £15 per year but the solictors that have been engaged against my NFH cost £130 per hour.

        They'll only take a case on if they are reasonably certain they can win but the knowledge that you aren't having to fork out loads of money in the meantime is a huge weight off your shoulders.

        I know I've always adopted the policy of ignoring my NFH but its even easier when you've got a team of solicitors who will do the arguing for you.
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          As an added bonus: everyone who I recommend and who takes out a policy - and I EACH get a £20 M&S voucher.

          (not that that had anything do with it, really... :lol: )


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            Excellent advice. I was completely unaware about needing to pay seperate premiums, just assumed that if it was in the policy document, I was covered .


            Would have come in handy for bullying neighbours who pick on you for no reason, that's for sure. :angry:


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              Nice try, HadEnough