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Forum Skins: Please Read!

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  • Forum Skins: Please Read!

    Hi all,

    At the moment we have 4 different forum skins (NFH Gold/Green which is our default skin, Vanilla Cola, Silver Tabby and the Blue skin) to use with the board software - to change these go into My Controls and Select which look/skin you want to use from the Skins & Languages Option.

    Today (Monday) I need to take all the skins offline one by one to update them - the only way I can make them fully compliant (they are 99% already) is to replace each one individually with a new copy.

    So, I'll be changing all members skin choices back to the default Gold/Green after they are updated as I can't see collectively what skin you might be using. So, apologies for doing this, you'll then need to swap back to your skin choice yourself from the My Controls panel.

    So, if you log on and find your skin Gold and Green (the default NFH Skin) - please check to see if your skin choice is available, if not, it will be at some point again today ok

    Please PM me for any more info

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    Thanks for letting us all know Matthew .

    We might have all been swearing at our puters.


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      thanks for letting me know I shall be losing my new skin so quickly!!!

      I'm only just wearing it in as well!!

      Hope I get the right size when I go for another



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        Originally posted by sapphirelily10@Aug 4 2003, 7:29 PM

        thanks for letting me know I shall be losing my new skin so quickly!!!

        Silver Tabby is now back up and ready

        As is Vanilla Cola, NFH Gold/Green (Default Skin) and the Blue Forum Software Skin. :cheers:


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          [email protected]!

          Have to see what we can do at some point, will be pretty bogged down again soon and the Cat Skin slotted in nicely in a quieter time - but send your ideas over, I'd love to hear them!

          Please read if you use the default Gold/Green/Cream skin - thanks!

          While we're chatting about skins - I've replaced the graphics/images for some parts of the NFH Gold/Green/Cream skin (which is the default skin here) - so for members using the default skin, please refresh/reload your pages a few times around the forum board for just the next few minutes after you read this message, to make sure you see what's intended, rather than a saved copy on your PC of the older forum graphics (a 'cached' copy).

          So, you should see these kind of buttons etc:

          Not (old ones) like these:

          Any probs, please shout! :P


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            Marvellous job with skins, Matthew. It slotted right back on again!



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              Oh, wow! I've just changed mine to silver tabby I love it Thanks Matthew

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                Originally posted by Mistyeyeddreamer@Aug 6 2003, 1:32 PM

                Oh, wow!¬* I've just changed mine to silver tabby ¬* I love it
                Thanks Misty Must admit I'm really pleased with my latest skin


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                  lol April

                  Give him more work, and more chance to blaspheme :lol: Bless him!



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                    Originally posted by april@Aug 7 2003, 2:05 AM

                    Hey love me dog¬* :lol:
                    "Wooff, ruufff, ruff, ruuf, woooof!"

                    Translation: Dog Skin possibilities noted down for future reference!, it'll have to wait for the future though! :P


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                      Originally posted by HadEnough@Aug 8 2003, 12:17 AM

                      The guinea pigs are really jealous, the rabbit's hopping mad :jump:¬* and the goldfish is swimming round in circles. As for the parrot - never heard such language!!!
                      Ohhhh blimey, maybe we just need a Pets 'r' us skin?!!!! :P :P :P :P

                      "Pieces of 8, Pieces of £$%%%&!!!!"


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                        Originally posted by april@Aug 8 2003, 12:26 AM

                        And over to Matthew, what have you started. My snakes are muttering too

                        Oh ssssssssssssssssssss......... :P :lol:


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                          A new forum skin has just been added, NFH in Britain created

                          It's called 'Silver Parchment' and yep, you guessed it, it's based on the 'Silver Tabby' forum skin with all things Cat customised removed for those that aren't keen on cats.

                          I've also released this skin set publicly in the main forum resources, but the Cat skin will not be released at this time

                          Beware! - You're not going mad if you use the new skin 'Silver Parchment' - many of the board looks and positioning has been changed in it (e.g. topic view is the other way around, the board front page is different, profile view is changed, etc, etc) - so it will take some getting used to

                          Whatever skin you use though, I hope you enjoy it!


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                            ooohhh Matthew

                            Is this GM cat skin then?


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                              :P Could fit lots of animals into a skin like this :P

                              Deep Breath...................






                              Cockle Dooooooodle Dooooooooo




                              Tweet Tweet



                              There you go, I just fit all those in this skin post :lol: :P :P

                              Apologies to any animals I may have inadvertantly discriminated the long haired, hairy backed, golden toothed tasmanian flying duck that mates for 3 years non stop :P

                              Oh and of course all these 'hybrids' here (a must visit site!) - - - - >