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  • Red Riding Hood

    Following on from the Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I found this site whilst trying to do a bit of research about sociopathy.

    (quite a bit is more related to when you have problems at work though)

    Another link, which provides further sub-links on anti-social personality disorders is for you (if you're interested):

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    Hi Holly

    Stunningly descriptive group from the tiscali directory link you gave:

    You might want to check it out if you haven't seen it!




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      Oh yes, I see him - in the link down the left hand side.

      NFH dispaying very bizarre behaviour at present, some mentioned in the information in the above link. Odd, indeed.


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        holly and sapphire, I just read a bit about psychopaths and i am getting confused between this type of person and someone who is a a bully just one type of psychopath ?????

        when i think of a psycopath i think of the shining and that scary man jack nicholson played...this is the stereotype i guess.

        so as with anything , there are shades of grey when it comes to psycopaths????

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          Hi Annabel

          I think The Shining may well be what many people think of when they think of the term psychopath...more often,these days, called a sociopath. I think the link I was looking at contains some, er, rather creative descriptions! Try search on sociopath....have a look at some psychiatric journals/American University teaching hospital's websites for less user-friendly, but more serious descriptions of the features of this disorder.



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            I saw a prog on tv once about psychopaths. Most people think of them as axe wielding maniacs or something similar. But it seems that many people in the highest levels of government, commerce and the military could be labelled psychopaths.

            I remember when I took psychology, our teacher, an ex mental health nurse told us that psychopaths use the 'reptilian' part of their brains more than other people. He said they were more calculating in achieving what they wanted. I would imagine stalkers are psychopaths.

            NFH are mostly just moronic bullies!

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