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Nuisance Calls And Bt

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  • Nuisance Calls And Bt

    Hi there, have any of you heard of the system now available from BT where they give you a special code number which you tap in when you receive a nuisance call and this will block the offending caller permanently. We are waiting for this to be installed on our phone. Will post some more info when this kicks in. Its a bit vague at the mo because we have never heard of this before. We have been getting a series of odd/nuisance calls for some time, happens in phases, really annoying and we are getting fed up with it. The last one today, the caller asked for a person unknown to us, then i said had he had dialled the wrong nos, the mystery caller gave us our correct nos. who am i speaking to, my reply, I know who you are speaking to! you obviously don`t so I am not going to tell you. I put the phone down, dialled 1471, number withheld. :angel: :ban: Peace

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    we have a permanant block on all with held numbers, it costs a little bit extra each quarter but is worth it.

    we dont get cold calls any more or bored kids in phone boxes, had a lot of those during the last holidays.

    the only problem we have had is from nhs direct who needed to ring us back once but they did it from another office!


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      We had a few hoax calls, number withheld.

      We have an idea of who is doing it but no proof.

      Contacted BT and they have put a trace on our


      This is a free service for about a month.

      They charge you after this.


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        The service is called 'choose to refuse' and I know from experience that it definitely works, even if the other person has withheld their number. There are certain withheld numbers that you may not be able to block, but it sorted out my nuisance calls a couple of years ago h34r: The first month was free and then it costs something like £9.99 a month. I only needed to use the free trial, as the calls stopped after that



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          Yeah, there are two packages - or used to be. Choose to refuse, or another that entirely blocks all anonymous calls. Another thing they fail to mention is that you`re allowed a free change of number. They did mine in about 1 hour. That`s from first hearing about it - to having the new number - ex-directory.


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            Oooo I wil ring bt and check this out

            I am x-directory but still get prank calls which is annoying :angry:


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              We used to get a lot of cold calls from sales reps on a evening even though we were ex directory with bt. We went to ntl and were ex directory, and we had more calls from reps selling anything and everything, if you tell them to stop calling you they are supossed to stop there is a number to ring to stop these type of calls but I cannot remember it.

              We had a lot of weied calls, from catalogues demanding money, friends calling mates, and one old guy 7.30 on a sunday morning ringing to complain that we had not fitted his carpets. We tried the what number speak to who route and they all knew our number, didnt work so I had the number changed. More calls and when I explained for the third time that I did not know or was related to the person they would continue to ring filling the answer machine untill I asked them to stop ringing at which point they became abusive and demanded to know my address and full name which I declined and pointed out that I do not give my personel details to strangers on the phone.

              I decided to look in the phone book after a woman from a charity rang my number with their details and I begged her for their name, I found their name with our number. I rang ntl and complained they blamed bt and told us we could keep the number but we changed to stop the calls.


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                Yes, must be easy to just say: "Not our fault, Sir/Madam. Must be someone else!

                To contact the Telephone Preference Service you can try these:-

                Telephone Preference Service (TPS)

                Chris Mason (Subscriptions - 020 7291 3326)

                Lynn Freshwater (Complaints - 020 7291 3323)

                DMA House

                70 Margaret Street


                W1W 8SS

                Tel: 020 7291 3320

                Fax: 020 7323 4226

                Email: [email protected]


                Hope this is of help.


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                  Hi Peacelily,

                  If it's any help we had an abusive call from Madhatter, the police at the moment are in the process of checking this out. They have to fill in forms and then pass them over to BT to find who dialled your number at that time on that date. In the case of us - we have the PFHA and the police do need to establish as to whether it was Madhatter or not.

                  If it was then they can issue court proceedings with immediate effect against him. The only type of telephone they cannot trace is the pay as you go variety particulary those who have filled in the forms giving false names and addresses and some who have not filled them out at all. The forms do not have to be filled in as its not compulsory.

                  We have the telephone preference service on our phone and it is ex directory too.

                  I would speak with the malicious calls bureau at BT on 0800 666 700 and see how you go, they will also change your number free of charge for you too.


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                    I work for BT so know the packages you mention. First point of contact should be BT Nuisance call bureau - if you have a BT line. If you do this you are more likely to get free help!!

                    TPS and postal PS work but will not stop people who already have your number and/or address

                    "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                      We have private number blocking on our phone - the only 'anonymous' numbers that can get through are from overseas... It was amazing how, virtually as soon as we subscribed, we received cold calls from (of all places) South Africa, India and Ireland!

                      Sounds like some sort of telecommunications conspiracy to me! h34r: