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Is There A Happy Ending?

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  • Is There A Happy Ending?

    Hi all

    I just wondered if there was anyone out there with a successful outcome after going through the legal process with a NFH. I am not taking about just winning the battle, did you win the war also? In other words, after a successful outcome from whatever formal system you chose, did your life get back to total normality again and did you ever really feel settled once more? Did your home become the place that it once was and what you fought so hard to get back?

    I am really interested if success really does mean success because I fled my home as I could not ever see that my NFH would change. Can they really be so awful and after any type of proceedings become normal neighbours again?

    Your thoughts, comments and stories would be most appreciated.




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    I've not won through legal proceedings, but I`d pretty much guess there is zero chance of things returning to normal after going after them legally. This is off-putting to some, granted - but people need to be aware of just how vicious people can get, should you take this course of action. Just getting a `no ball games` sign put up in the street sent my neighbours mental, then complaining to the council about their loud music sent life into absolute misery beyond words. I guess it`s down to the individual and how strong they feel - whether they`re up to the aftermath or not.


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      Hi Candi

      I posted my parents' story in 'success stories' and yes there can be a happy ending. Their story happened about 3 years ago and they have lived a happy settled life since then and normality returned pretty quickly. This may be due to my Dad's attitude, as he wasn't going to let his NFH win, so the battle and the war have both been won. :lol:



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        Hi all

        It seems to me that the sucess stories on here are mostly to do with tenants be it of the council, housing association, private landlord or whatever. All the aforementioned affilliations have the ability to take proceedingd to ultimately evict the offender if necessary. It is simply is not the case with a NFH who owns his or her own property. What can be done if this is the case? Nothing! Oh yes, you can go to court and do all the things that you need to do, but when it comes down to it, if the NFH is just playing 'lip service' to the relevant institution and if they are out and out unreasonable then they can make you life hell, plain and simple as that. And what can be done about it? I'll tell you what, a big fat nothing!

        A cynical Candi (Sorry folks am still suffering post NFH trama!!)

        :nfh1: :ban:


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          Don`t apologise - I too am in the same situation - there is simply nothing that can be done about it here, plus the hassle is so random I could never possibly have an EHO witness. Despair, totally.


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            i am currently still going through legal proceedings and don't really have any faith in it suceeding but i will not let that stop me winning the war.

            I too have fled my home as we really could not take any more but we have been followed to our new address.

            Silly NFH tried her best to get us to move county but i refused and so the battle is still raging.

            i still get very edgey if a car similar to nfh is behind me or even parked on a road, any small noise in the night still makes our hearts do the bongos ect ect.

            But i can say on a positive note that as i have had near on three months of "near normality" i feel happier and a hell of a lot stronger to deal with any problems as they arise.

            I will keep you posted as to how my appeal goes, if i lose i get a 2000k loan and go direct to the courts.

            Keep happy and keep smiling.

            Bat's.x. :angel: