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Sound Insulation And Anti Social Behaviour

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  • Sound Insulation And Anti Social Behaviour

    I am carrying out some background research for a major report the UK Noise Association is producing on Poor Sound Insulation and Anti Social Behaviour, but with particular reference to tenants living in Social Housing.

    The UKNA hope to launch this report at their conference on September 4th that is being held in Edinburgh. The report will also form part my presentation which is looking at the need for a Neighbour Noise Strategy.

    To help us compile this report we need to hear from people who live in Social Housing and feel that poor sound insulation contributed to their neighbour problem.

    I need to know how long you suffered, if you've complained to your Housing Association or Local Authority and, if you did, what was their response? I would also like to know how it's affected your health and quality of life. Do you also have suggestions on how your problem could, or could have been resolved?

    Previous research has highlighted the fact that poor sound insulation is a big problem. This new report and my presentation will conclude with recommendations on a way forward.

    If you would like to contribute, but want to remain anonymous, this is fine. Just write to me at:

    Noise Network

    PO BOX 327

    Chatham, Kent ME5 8AW

    Many thanks for any assistance you can give me.

    Best wishes

    Val Weedon

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    I you can help Val, please do, things like these are really important projects for future developments, research and solutions into noise and noisy accomodation(s).

    Thanks all